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Watch Steve Harvey Blast A Woman Who Doesn't Know Her Husband's Job

If there’s one thing Steve Harvey is known for, it is telling it like it is and throwing in a few amusing faces while telling it like it is. Just check out what Harvey recently had to say to a wife on his show who stood up to ask the daytime talk show host what her husband does for a living. Check out the hilarious video, below.

During a recent episode of Steve Harvey, a woman stood up during the “Ask Steve” segment to talk about something that’s been nagging her for years. The woman announced that she had been married to a man for the last 20 years—even providing a picture of their nuptials—and still had no idea what he did for a living. Steve Harvey listened to her story and asked her a few follow-up questions, noting that her family lives in a nice house and enjoys a nice income.

While the woman might not be the type to question her husband's motives, Steve Harvey’s not the type to get fooled. After finding out that her husband’s business was reportedly “innovation strategy,” he broke it to the woman that she was married to a drug dealer. What seemed obvious to Steve made the lady look pretty uncomfortable, but I appreciate how she laughed it off like the whole thing was a big joke. Maybe it was. Maybe innovation strategies are a real thing. Either way, she should probably figure out exactly what her husband does for business.


While she laughed off the segment, here is Steve Harvey sticking to his guns.


When Steve Harvey first nabbed an afternoon talk show alongside a ton of other comedians, there weren’t a whole lot of people who thought he could survive. After all, he wasn’t as famous as Katie Couric (whose show got canceled) or a few others, but he’s been able to carve out a niche for himself thanks to his no-nonsense demeanor and hilarious audience interaction. In fact, other than Ellen DeGeneres, I’m not sure there’s an afternoon talk show host who generates more laughs with his or her basic personality. He’s a one-man band who never stops bugging out his eyes and delivering spot-on faces. This video is just another example of his impressive comedic timing and why Steve Harvey continues to deliver in the daytime ratings.

You can catch more recent “Ask Steve” clips over on the show’s site.

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