Watch A Drug Deal Happen In The Snow On The Local News

Live TV is difficult to produce. Snafus come in the form of accidental f-bombs, the wrong footage being shown and much, much more. A local news team in Worcester, Massachusetts went outside during a snowstorm to shoot a live segment only to have a drug deal go down just behind them. We’re not kidding. Give it a watch.

As the local Fox news anchor talks about the snow disaster and the plowing problems the community is facing, a couple of men appear in the background. One casually walks on to the scene and the other bounds over. They have a short conversation and appear to exchange money for drugs, to the amusement of the YouTube user who posted the video. Here's the hand-off:


I’ve never seen an actual drug deal go down on the street before, but I’ve lived in a big city, and I’m pretty clear on how quick, drug deals go down in public. The golden rule is to remain as innocuous as possible, accomplishing a quick exchange before moving on with your day. Theoretically, meeting in the middle of a snowstorm is probably a pretty safe bet for getting away with exchanging drugs. Except when there’s a TV crew around and filming on the premises. Seriously, the two parties had to have seen the TV vans, right? Either they are idiots or have the most cavalier attitudes in the world, neither of which are particularly reassuring.

Clearly this deal goes down in the background, so it’s hard to tell exactly what is being exchanged. However, it’s not like these two people are neighbors lending out a cup of sugar or a sled so their kids can enjoy the snow. That’s a drug deal and it went down on live television. Dude’s gonna need to find another place to exchange his wares in the future, for sure. ‘Cause that open space is totally compromised at this point.

Seriously, we all laugh when a news anchor accidentally flubs over a word or curses on the air, but the best bloopers often come when anchormen and anchorwomen have no idea that something funny is going on. The poor anchor in this video keeps talking about plowing issues in his community, but all we are doing is staring in fascination at what’s going on behind the man. It’s like that traffic reporter who once drew a penis live on air whilst trying to explain traffic patterns in Central Michigan. The poor lady never saw it coming. They never do.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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