Watch Terry Crews Turn Into A Mime On Sesame Street

Terry Crews is a family man in real life and plays a family man on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. With that sort of family-oriented background, it’s easy to see why the actor might want to pop up on Sesame Street to do a sketch for the kiddos at home. The segment talks about art and hilariously features the former NFL player dressed as a mime and more. Check it out, below.

In the video, Crews uses enthusiasm and some jazz hands to talk about artists with Abby Cadabby and Count Von Count. Using the magic from Abby’s wand, he goes through the list of different types of artists, bring up plenty of likely suspects, including painters, musicians, and sculpters. The next type of artist, however, is a tight shirt-wearing mime.


Although I don’t think anything will compete with the ridiculous red, white and blue gear Crews sported on the set of Idiocracy, I think we should all take a second to enjoy the gloriousness that is Crews in a mime costume. In fact, I’m thinking someone over at Fox should write an undercover mime plotline into Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Right. Now.

Still, if you don’t get Sesame Street and definitely don’t get the mime costume, or if you would just rather have a little more grown-up Terry Crews in your life, you can check out the man’s most recent Old Spice commercial, which features Crews dressing up as his own wife. (Are you seeing a common thread of weird costumes through all of these? I am.) You can thank me later.

Sesame Street has managed to provide educational content in the home for 45 years. Celebrities have always been interested in helping out with popular educational programming for kids, and just in the past year we’ve seen some really cute videos sporting the likes of Sherlock and Imitation Game actor Benedict Cumberbatch and Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver. The former also counted with Count Von Count while the latter appeared in a sketch featuring the Cookie Monster spinoff The Furchester Hotel. Also in the past year, the Sesame Street folks appeared on The Tonight Show to read sweet tweets. In short, even though it has been 45 years, the show is attracting plenty of attention from celebrity fans, and we’re happy to see Crews dress up as a mime for the children's series, any day.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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