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Watch A Weatherman Bust Out Tons Of Madonna References In His Forecast

When a weatherman finds a way to make himself popular, he generally sticks with it. DC’s resident pop culture-oriented weatherman, Mike Thomas, is back and this time he brought Fox 5 DC watchers a forecast that was chock full of Madonna references. You can catch the awkward and amusing segment, below.

While we get to here about the bad heat wave in DC as well as a cold front coming through, there are mostly a slew of references to Madonna songs in this video. If you are paying attention the lines should pop out at you. It's actually pretty easy to spot references to songs like “Cherish” and “Where’s The Party,” not to mention classics like “Express Yourself, “Papa Don’t Preach” and even “Like a Virgin.” I’m not sure if he’s writing this content himself or has a genius writing partner on the staff to help him out, but either way, color me impressed.

Obviously, Mike was a little more comfortable back in July when a Taylor Swift concert came into town. The man’s grasp of T-Swift reference was pretty incredible, bringing in lines like “I knew you were trouble” and more. It was a pretty clever way to incorporate the pop singer into the weather forecast, and while the Madonna version is ultimately the same thing, Mike is certainly showing his lack of Madonna knowledge—or at least the complexity of the singer’s lyrics—a whole lot more by trying to tackle Madonna lyrics and tripping over them a wee bit. Still have to give him props, though.

Still, as someone who generally zones out when the weatherman (or woman) is talking, adding some pizazz to the forecast through song lyrics (or maybe Bruce Campbell) is not the worst idea I’ve ever encountered. The local news can be a tough gig, and finding a way to assert yourself and make yourself a different type of TV personality is pretty sweet. Hopefully, Mike Thomas will keep up these forecasts as more popular concerts come to the DC area.

Other neat news anchor tricks we find impressive include capably pronouncing the names of complex-sounding locations and a level of professionalism despite sometimes odd circumstances and interviews. Luckily, there are lots of reasons we still appreciate the local news, although a lot of them involve weird, behind-the-anchor activities and mistakes that happen during the forecast.

Jessica Rawden
Jessica Rawden

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