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As 24-hour news cycles chug on with the efficiency of sporadically oiled machinery, you can always count on local news shows to frolic over into left-field territory every so often. And this weatherman’s version of left field involves mixing a couple handfuls of Taylor Swift references into his segment. Can’t hate on that.

You know it’s summer when Taylor Swift is getting mentioned in the weather report – she doesn’t seem like a winter kind of gal to me – and it involved her concert hitting Washington D.C. to take it back to 1989 and whatnot. WTTG-TV’s Mike Thomas rightfully thought that tying Swift into his weather report by sprinkling in song lyrics was the way to go about it. And even though I don’t particularly get into Swift’s music, I don’t have any…bad blood…with her. Am I doing this right, Swifties?

In the end, Mike Thomas gets an A+ for effort, though someone at the Fox 5 DC should have added some graphic flourishes to the weather map. It probably would have been annoying, but worth it in the long run, I’d think. What’s the long run on a segment like this? Oh, I don’t know, how about a “Welcome to New York.” I think I did that one wrong for sure. Let’s cut to the videotape.


Can’t rain on anybody’s parade like that, and I now hope to see what Thomas does with upcoming shows in D.C., like Elle King, Dinosaur Jr., and Babyface. Is it out of the question to expect a new network that either reports local news from all over the planet, or just switches to the most interesting local news programs shown that day, on a submission basis? It’s more than music references, though. I want a mud tunnel of weirdness to burrow through the network I just made up.

This Swiftacious video fits right in with that Seinfeld-referencing sportscaster from a couple of years ago. Relive that video below.

What I’m saying is, always watch your local news, and you might see something one of a kind. Did Taylor Swift sing a song called “One of a Kind?” Dammit.

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