Watch: Weatherman's Maps Mislabeled With Hilariously High Temperatures

The local news is responsible for some of the oddest flubs in TV history. Recently, there were some green screen problems over at Phoenix’s Fox 10 and weatherman Cory McKloskey took the team’s flub and used it as an opportunity to do some comedy, live on the air. You can check out the amusing local news segment, below.

The weather in Phoenix is generally pretty nice this time of year. Early in the broadcast, McKloskey tosses out temperatures in the high 50s and early 60s, but there’s an errant 750 degrees that appears. As the screen switches to a different part of the state, insane 4-digit temperatures begin popping up. Apparently, it’s 1350 degrees in Surprise. It’s also a whopping 2385 degrees in Wickenburg. Luckily, the weatherman just rolls with the punches.


He begins delivering the weather in his regular tone, treating the temperatures as if they are accurate and something to be concerned about, joking that he’s “not authorized to evacuate," but things aren’t looking too good for the residents who live in certain parts of Arizona. The other anchors sitting at the desk can’t help but giggle and also offer advice about unsafe areas on the map, which eggs McKloskey on. He eventually offers this advice to viewers:

“Again, I’m not your dad, but I would get out… while you still can. I think steel boils at about this temperature.”

Honestly, this is one of the most impressive fixes I’ve ever seen to an honest news mistake. Obviously, the weatherman could do nothing about the wrong information on the screen, so instead, he just rolled with the punches. Even some high-end news people have a little trouble when there are slip-ups, but this video is an excellent way of handling a mistake.

Oftentimes news flubs like this one happen accidentally, and the news anchor is completely unaware that a flub is even happening until after the event. Still, both flubs and outrageous live news moments all typically make it into the best news bloopers videos that are frequently compiled on YouTube at the end of the year. We can’t wait to see Cory McKloskey’s segment added to the collection.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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