Watch This Wheel Of Fortune Contestant's Ultimate Snow White Fail

It’s one thing when you’re playing along with Wheel of Fortune at home and you blurt out a boneheaded answer, since there’s no audience (either studio or TV) to get temporarily dumbfounded before feeling sorry for you. Unfortunately for this contestant, her lack of knowledge of Snow White’s seven dwarfs was seen by everyone everywhere.

Had Snow White befriended seven characters of questionable morality, then perhaps “Sneeky” would have been a part of it. (Ignoring the fact that “sneaky” doesn’t have a double “E” in it.) I realize that Sneezy isn’t a word that people say on a daily basis, but it’s pretty much the only thing that made sense there, especially when accounting for the name being an adjective. I bet the contestant got pretty Sneery whenever Pat Sajak told her she was wrong.

Hey, I’m not sitting here in blind judgment of the contestant, as I know as well as anyone how hard it can be to remember seven different things at once. Listing the seven dwarfs is one of the first memory-testing exercises I can recall from my childhood. But this is still just bad guesswork. I suppose we should be grateful she didn’t guess the other dwarfs were “Brulpy,” “Dog” and “Gashful” as well, since that would mean that Wheel of Fortune started allowing people on the show who have cotton candy for brains.

That’s probably the biggest “aww” sound I’ve ever heard a Wheel of Fortune audience express. I wonder who they were feeling more sorry for, the contestant or Sneezy himself for getting dissed like that.


We’ve seen one amazing guess after another on Wheel of Fortune in recent weeks, but “Sneeky” counterbalances all of them. At least we aren’t dealing with this guy again, who showcased his lack of puzzle-solving skills for not just one round, but three of them.

Now it’s time to brush up on our knowledge of Cinderella characters, the Three Little Pigs’ names, and all the people that the man met on his way to St. Ives.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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