Watch A Workaholics Star Get Thrown Off The Local News For Swearing

Celebrity interviews are usually predictable affairs, especially on the local news, with conversations generally covering the project in question and little else. But some can go amazingly wrong, as was the case with Workaholics star Blake Anderson, whose promotion for the acclaimed drama Dope included some sloppy conversation before he got kicked off for swearing. It’s priceless.

Everything about this video deserves to go in the Shitty Interview Hall of Fame, from Anderson’s wonderfully blasé attitude about everything to the overzealous morning news man for Cincinnati’s Fox 19 Now. I mean, it starts off with the interviewer misidentifying a bagel as a doughnut, and then letting Anderson know that he’s read that some bagels are less healthy than some doughnuts. I literally can’t think of anything less newsworthy than that, and it almost got Anderson saying “shit,” but he refrained from cursing…that time.

And after a brief stint of him mumbling a bunch of vagueness about Dope as the trailer played, Anderson talks about how tired he is and then dropped an NBA-inspired F-bomb, which got him promptly dropped from the telecast like a boss.

I just woke up like five minutes ago…I mean it’s like 6 o’clock over here. Jesus Christ. It’s very early, and I’m very tired. You know the Warriors won the fucking championship.

I love it. On Comedy Central’s Workaholics, Anderson plays the same-named character Blake, one of the central trio that spends much more time schmoking bowls and talking tight buttholes than doing their jobs properly. I’m not saying that this kind of behavior is what prompted Anderson’s attitude here, but I don’t know anyone who would be surprised if they learned the actor rolled out of bed while hungover as hell and got his wake and bake on out of a bong named after a movie star. Or maybe that bagel had some kind of a tranquilizer in it.


If you take a close listen to what Anderson is saying, he gives away almost nothing about the movie itself, mentioning that people can sell drugs on the Internet now, and that people in Cincinnati know what’s up. I can’t imagine that the Dope publicity team was enthused by this marketing failure, but it certainly made me laugh and appreciate Anderson’s approach to interviews.

Dope – which also stars Shameik Moore, Kiersey Clemons and Tony Revolori – hits theaters on Friday, June 19, with evening screenings happening tonight.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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