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What's Holding Back The Married With Children Revival

Most of the TV remakes and spinoffs currently floating around Hollywood and beyond have little trouble coming together, as it’s usually studios that want them made. It gets a little more complicated when the revival effort is being spearheaded by a star, as has been the case with David Faustino and the planned Married with Children spinoff . Things are apparently moving forward, but an obstacle is blocking the way, according to Faustino.

There has been one issue, a legal issue, that they haven’t been able to get around at the moment that they’re still trying to work out, which we obviously hope they’ll work out, as do the fans. But if it does, you’ll see it and if they can’t figure this out, then you won’t.

As long as people have hands to hold out for money, there will always be legal issues holding creative minds back from taking iconic properties to different places. Not that I’m casting judgment on that, since lots of extremely ill-conceived projects presumably faded into nothingness because of contractual stipulations. Another Married with Children series based on Bud Bundy’s adult life could easily fit into the ill-conceived category, but it could also end up being a polished and tighter version of the original that exceeds all expectations and also stays on the air for over a decade.

It’d be kind of amazing if the legal issue was just David Faustino being dead set on using a particular Prince song for the opening credits and the rights not getting cleared. But that’s probably not the case at all, and it’s both more boring and more technical. Too bad Faustino didn’t go into detail during the interview on Allegedly with Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss (opens in new tab).

It all does depend on what kind of a legal problem it is to allow a thoughtful guess on whether or not we’ll actually get to watch the Bundy family reconvene on the small screen again for the first time in so many years. Assuming the show isn’t meant to be a web series on some website no one has ever heard of, one would think all the company execs would be drooling over a new Married with Children series and would figure out the quickest way to squash anything holding it back.

After all, actress Katey Sagal has expressed her interest in appearing on the show if it ever gets made, and other members of the cast have responded positively as well. There’s absolutely a built-in fanbase waiting to go back into the filthy and often depraved world of Bud Bundy and his fam-fam, so here’s hoping good news comes from all of this. Good for viewers. Bad for Marcy D’Arcy.

David Faustino, who recently appeared on the big screen in The Night Before, has made a solid career out of voice work in shows such as Legend of Korra and Dragons: Race to the Edge. But it’s time for him to return to the role that turned him into a household grandmaster. Everybody call your lawyers to handle this.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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