What Sons Of Anarchy's Drea De Matteo Is Taking From The Set

Drea De Matteo is one lucky TV actress, starring in not one but several fan-favorite TV shows that have resonated with viewers. Due to her popularity on HBO’s The Sopranos as well as FX’s more recent series Sons of Anarchy, Matteo has been able to take home some pretty sweet props over the years. Now that Sons of Anarchy is wrapping up production, she admits she had a tough time figuring out what she wanted to bring home from the set.

According to de Matteo, her status on the series as recurring character Wendy, a trouble stirrer and the baby Mama of Jax’s son Abel, always made her feel like a little bit of an outsider on the series. Even though she’s now a main character in Season 7, she still felt uncomfortable when the Sons of Anarchy people began asking her which props she wanted. Here’s what she eventually came up with.

“It's so funny, on SOA I kept getting emails every week "what do you want to keep on the set now we are wrapping" - I never felt like I was entitled to keep anything monumental there because I was so in and out, but I ended up putting in an ask for one of the vests. I asked for one of the vests last minute, I didn't feel entitled enough to ask for something like that, but in the final hour I said "I'll take one of those rockers."

While a vest might be the most stereotypical prop related to Sons of Anarchy, de Matteo says it should fit right in with all of The Sopranos gear she accrued over the years.

“I'd love to hang it over my Sopranos pinball machine, which is something they sent me when I met my demise. So that was my big gift. But I kept a lot of things. I did keep the outfit that I met my demise in, I kept a lot of the crazy clothes, but the outfit that I died in was a big one for them to let go for me because all those things were going to museums or different places, and I kept my gold ADRIANA ring underlined in diamonds, I think I have a lot of my fake hair, that Christopher used to pull periodically when he'd be pissed at me, my stunt hair...”

I love it the most that Matteo kept her stunt hair, although it's pretty cool she revered her demise scene on The Sopranos enough to fight for her right to the outfit she died in. Obviously, she may not have to fight for the same sort of outfit on FX's violent series. Sons of Anarchy hasn’t ended its lengthy run, just yet. When last we left Wendy, she was alive and kicking, although it remains to be seen whether or not she will make it all the way to the finale on December 9. Maybe she’ll be able to nab another “death outfit” to sit in a closet with The Sopranos one. And maybe she’ll live happily ever after. Stranger things have happened.

If you want to hear more from de Matteo regarding her time on shows as varied as The Sopranos, Desperate Housewives and more, check out her full Reddit AMA.

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