Grey's Anatomy Just Had A Shakeup In The Cast

It’s no big secret to fans of Grey’s Anatomy that creator Shonda Rhimes will absolutely cut a character’s life short if she and the star don’t get along. Luckily, she and Giacomo Gianniotti appear to be on good terms with one another, as the actor has been promoted to series regular, which means audiences will see his role expand as Season 12 continues. If you feel a cool breeze all of a sudden, it’s probably millions of Grey’s regular viewers fanning themselves off at the thought of more Gianniotti on their TVs.

One of the latest bits of eye candy that joined the Grey’s Anatomy cast, Giacomo Gianniotti first appeared in Season 11 for a recurring role as Andrew DeLuca, one of the new batch of interns at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. He got his own personal arc during the first half of Season 12 by starting up a romance with Meredith’s half-sister Dr. Maggie Pierce. (Actress Kelly McCreary got her own series regular promotion last year.) I guess this means we’ll see the couple getting more serious in future episodes, barring something terrible happening to split them up. You never know with this show, and THR didn’t provide any follow-up info to speculate on.

But I’m betting the writers find more ways to use Andrew to woo eyeballs with moments like this.


Gianniotti is the third Grey’s Anatomy cast member to get upped to series regular during the show’s transition to a post-Derek Shepherd narrative. Jason George finally saw his Dr. Benjamin Warren become a more stable presence after spending six seasons in a recurring capacity. As well, Martin Henderson joined the show for Season 12 as a regular for his role of Dr. Nathan Riggs.

This is great news for Gianniotti, whose burgeoning career hasn’t been filled with huge hits. He had a brief role on the low-rated Reign in Season 1, and then jumped over to the short-lived ABC comedy Selfie and the even more short-lived CW project Backpackers. We’re betting it’s a celebratory moment for the actor.

For those wondering what kind of mayhem will be coming to Grey’s Anatomy when the show returns, check out the teaser trailer below for TGIT line-up, which features Meredith in some major trouble.

Grey’s Anatomy will continue Season 12 on ABC starting Thursday, February 11. To find out when everything else will be premiering and returning over the next few months, check out our midseason TV schedule.

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