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I’ve been watching Felicity on Netflix recently and I recently got to the point in the series’ fourth season when a certain character finds herself amidst a pregnancy scare and she isn’t entirely sure who the father of the potential-baby is. Of course, everything works out fine for her, but it got me thinking of the seemingly common occurrence love-triangles and baby drama. I say “seemingly” because while it might not be as common as it seems, the “Who’s the Father?” question has been addressed on not one but two shows I’m currently watching on TV right now.

Read no further if you’re not caught up on The Walking Dead or How I Met Your Mother!

I understand the appeal to “Who’s the Father” mystery. It worked brilliantly on Friends when it was revealed that Rachel, who was single at the time, was pregnant. And to Friends’ credit, using the sweater as a way to do the big reveal was fairly epic. The red sweater was a great way to torture us (and some of the characters) and an even better way to inevitably reveal to us who the father was.

How I Met Your Mother is probably the closest thing to Friends on TV right now, which is why it’s somewhat fitting that the “Who’s the Father” gimmick might be recycled in some form or another on the series. If you caught last night’s episode (and seriously, if you haven’t yet, stop reading now!), then you know that Robin is pregnant and the big question is, is the father Barney or Kal Penn’s character Kevin’s? It could be either and we might be left hanging on the answer. Whether or not this will be revealed to us in the next episode or dragged out over the course of the next few episodes (or season), we don't know yet.

As much as I love How I Met Your Mother, I can’t help but think think this drama is a bit cliche, assuming it goes in the direction it’s heading, with us left to wonder who the father is while Barney deals with the ramifications of possibly being a father. I’m going to give the series the benefit of the doubt for now and hope that there is some more original angle set for this arc. I’m now also finding myself hoping Lily doesn’t go into labor someplace strange, like in an elevator, on the subway or in an ATM vestibule. Please, don't, HIMYM.

Meanwhile, The Walking Dead managed to avoid the “Who’s the Father” drama, which is a major relief. Lori is pregnant, but she’s sure it’s Rick’s. That should, at the very least, eliminate the same cliche story arc about two potentials fathers. And considering everything else on their plates, added to the fact that it’s unlikely anyone will be able to prove definitively who the father is anytime soon, this was probably the best call the show could make. The bigger issue, especially now that the Shane affair is out of the bag, is whether or not Lori can stand bringing a baby into a world full of zombies.

What do you think? Do you love the idea of not knowing who Robin’s baby’s father is? Or do you hope the show wraps that plot up soon and moves on to a more original angle? And the more obvious question because, let’s face it, gimmicky or not, we’re all still wondering, whose baby do you think/hope it is?

Is the "Who's The Father" mystery a good thing or played out?