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Almost 22 years old now, Justin Bieber has thankfully moved beyond a lot of the heinous and embarrassing behavior of his youth, and mop buckets everywhere have been completely free from his urine. But that doesn’t mean he’s become everyone’s favorite person. Take, for instance, comedian and TV host Chelsea Handler, who namechecked the blonde pop star as the worst celebrity she’s ever interviewed. And her reasons aren’t all that surprising, if you happen to think Bieber is a horndog. Here’s how she explained it:
I mean, Justin Bieber maybe, because he was trying to flirt with me and it was so uncomfortable. Like that’s his schtick. Like he would come on and flirt with you and you just felt like a child molester right away. And I don’t want to feel that way.

Justin Bieber is undoubtedly used to having females of all ages, shapes and ethnicities screaming his name and holding up posters with declarations of love on them. And it’d be naïve to think that some of those fans didn’t eventually get to experience Bedroom Bieber on occasion. That kind of sexual prowess would definitely instill enough bravado in someone that their flirtations would know no bounds. But Chelsea Handler, despite having no problem showing the world her boobs on Instagram, is all about setting up boundaries when it comes to feeling discomfort. Especially when that discomfort is sitting right across from her.

And I’m not saying that our past behavior should be used to judge our future actions, as people are prone to change. But Chelsea Handler did appear on The Muppets a couple of months ago and got into a romantic relationship with Fozzie. So if she’s more comfortable getting romantic with an anthropomorphic puppet – even taking into account that everyone knows it’s not real – than getting hit on by Justin Bieber, something is going wrong for someone. And that someone is the Biebs, who also unwittingly caused Jennifer Lawrence to make an ew face when asked if she’d hook up with him.

Terrible interviews can be fascinating to watch for many reasons, as there are many ways that a promo-driven conversation can take harsh left turns. But Handler uncomfortably talking to a libido-oozing Bieber doesn’t sound like it’d be fun for anyone. Check out Handler talking about that and more in the video from Variety below.

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