Why The X-Files May Not Return Even If Fox Wants More

Out of all of the remakes and revivals currently in development and airing, only a few feel like their existence is legitimately outside the realm of “cash grab.” The X-Files’ limited run is definitely one of those exceptions, as it’s a franchise without a definitive ending, and its return is one that longtime fans have been clamoring for pretty much since it left Fox in the first place. And while there’s a sizeable chance that we’ll get to see more from Mulder and Scully after these eps are through, it looks like the biggest obstacle at this point is star Gillian Anderson, who doesn’t exactly sound enthused when asked about the possibility of more X-Files.

Um … I don’t know. I’ve got three kids and I live in London, and if they want to shoot in Vancouver, British Columbia, or Los Angeles, I’m not really interested in moving. It all depends on what they’re talking about, how many they’re talking about and what they’re offering. All that stuff plays into it, because it’s not a small deal in my life.

Compare that answer to the kinds of things that David Duchovny has been saying, and it seems like Gillian Anderson just isn’t as excited as everyone else is. I mean, she certainly sounds that way when she’s specifically asked about reprising the role that made her a household name, but that jubilance gives way to fitful bursts of reality when she considers becoming Dana Scully again in the future. Considering she brought up “what they’re offering,” maybe she’s still pissed about initially being offered far less than what she’s worth.

Not that she can be blamed for her hesitance. Anderson’s family is obviously going to come first when compared to any TV role, even one as central to her career as this. And the fact that she lives in London, which she tells Zap2It is her favorite city, doesn’t make for easy commutes to and from the set. So if Fox is looking to tap creator Chris Carter for more episodes, the network would be wise to consider keeping things as limited as they are now, for Anderson probably won’t be interested in returning for even a 13-episode season.

And let’s be real here. Fox almost definitely wants to keep this franchise alive. The reviews for “Season 10” have been largely positive, and the ratings prove that lots of people want to keep Mulder and Scully in their lives.

Thankfully, we still have another four episodes of The X-Files left to dig into – or three if you’ve already watched tonight’s episode. And fans of Gillian Anderson are no doubt waiting with baited breath for the third and final season of the intense psychological thriller The Fall, which will hit British TV and U.S. Netflix later this year. Let us know how you guys feel below.

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