A Guy Went On A Dating Show Without Telling His Dad, And The Video Of Him Reacting While Watching At Home Is Amazing

Beauty Queen & Single.
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These days, anyone interested in watching young singles searching for love has a plethora of options at their disposal. From your more straightforward dating shows like The Bachelor to series that offer delicious twists, like Too Hot to Handle or Married at First Sight, there’s no lack of opportunity to watch regular people put themselves in wild situations, all in the name of love. What we don’t see nearly as often, however, is what their parents think of that decision. The Internet has blessed us with one such example, as a man went on a dating show without telling his father, and the dad’s reaction was caught on camera.

A video was posted to Reddit that featured a man watching an episode of the reality dating show Beauty Queen & Single. The caption explained that he was unaware a familiar face was about to appear on screen, and his reaction to seeing his son, Charles, has resulted in the video going viral. Check it out below: 

my_stepbrother_was_on_a_dating_show_but_didnt from r/ContagiousLaughter

An actual knee-slapper! I don’t think there could be a better reaction than dear old dad’s long and loud laugh, as he threw his head back and slapped his leg upon seeing his son walking down the street, headed for his date. The sight was something even he didn’t want to experience just once, as he told his partner: 

Rewind, just rewind forever.

Just as adorable — and oh-so-fatherly — was his next comment, as he continued to watch Charles and the ladies he was presumably about to meet. Dad said: 

I bought him that jacket, as well.

Beauty Queen & Single, which airs on BBC, sets several single beauty queens up on blind dates, which they must attend … wearing no makeup (duh duh duh). Unfortunately for Charles and his proud papa, the stepbrother who posted the video relayed that Charles did not receive a second date. Maybe he and his dad could team up to join Netflix’s Dated and Related (which provides plenty of uncomfortable moments but is not actually about dating your relatives).

While we may not actually see Charles join any one of the myriad dating shows available to stream with a Netflix subscription, he and his dad certainly won over fans who saw the viral video, and the comments were full of people saying that reaction had made their day. A few examples: 

  • Just rewind that laugh. Rewind that forever.
  • He was such a happy camper to see him as the date that I became happy for him, contagious laughter fs
  • This video just filled my heart with the most wholesome vibes! He’s adorable and I cackled right with him!
  • Rewind forever is now added to my lexicon

Reality dating shows certainly don’t always result in such wholesome moments, so videos like these are to be cherished. Stay up to date with what new and returning series will be coming our way in the new year with our 2023 TV schedule

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