A Million Little Things' Creator Sounds Like He's Having Regrets About Ending The Show With Season 5, So Will There Be More?

A Million Little Things is set to come to an end after its current season, and that is exactly how creator DJ Nash envisioned it. He’s been open about knowing from the beginning that he wanted to go five seasons, and he even knew how he was going to bring the Boston friends’ stories full-circle. Apparently that doesn’t make saying goodbye to Gary, Maggie, Rome, Regina, Eddie, and Katherine any easier, because even as Nash prepared to write the series’ final scene, he spoke about the possibility that this won’t be the end.

The fifth and final season of A Million Little Things finds our friends at pivotal points in their lives. There is, of course, Gary’s cancer, but also a bevy of drama involving family, work, and relationships that begs the question of how DJ Nash is going to bring closure to everything — and with fewer episodes this season, at that! With the creator knowing how he’s going to wrap the story, does the potential exist for a revival, spinoff or even possibly a movie? When preparing to write the very last scene, he told TV Insider

You never know. I definitely leave the door open to something. The way we leave the series would certainly allow for an opportunity to revisit, should we all find ourselves available.

That sounds pretty promising to me, Millionaires! Of course the actors might be looking forward to other acting opportunities, after spending the last five years with the ABC drama, but at least the possibility seems like it will be there. Nash continued: 

The idea that this is goodbye is — it can’t be. I love this cast so much. I picked each of them individually. I fought for a lot of them that it was tough to get them the part but I knew they would be great. And they have just delivered not only on screen, but the humanity they bring off camera to the issues we’re talking about, the care, the support of each other.

DJ Nash admitted that his sorrow is partly of his own doing. He was the one who envisioned a five-season arc, and he again referenced another ABC drama, Grey’s Anatomy, in his reasons for why A Million Little Things couldn’t keep going forever. He said: 

It’s so weird because I was the one who said, ‘it’s time.’ [Showrunner Terrence Coli] and I talked, and we said, ‘it’s time.’ This isn’t like a hospital show where you can have new interns come in and get a fresh crop of stories and trauma and conflict. And yet I feel like I did senior year of college, which is I know I can’t stay here, but I don’t want to go.

So will there be more? Obviously, never say never, especially in current times, when revivals aren't exact few and far between. DJ Nash apparently leaving the story in a place where it could be picked up again is another good sign. However, with his comparison to graduating college — “I know I can’t stay here” — I think it’s more likely that Nash will end up sticking with his five-year plan, at least for the near future.

One can’t blame the creator for being in his feelings, though. He’s been through a lot with these characters and even drawn from his own life experiences for some of the trials the Bostonians face. You can tune in to A Million Little Things’ final season, with new episodes airing at 10 p.m. ET on Wednesdays on ABC and on streaming with a Hulu subscription. Also take a look at what premieres are coming soon, with our 2023 TV schedule

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