After American Idol's Ryan Seacrest Shared 'Penis Panic' Wardrobe Malfunction Story, His Stylist Chimed In

There is just something about live television that makes it so much more riskier than pre-recorded, even when it comes to the most practiced and polished TV personalities. For instance, American Idol has seen some wild things happen over the last two decades, from contestants abruptly dropping out of the competition to emotions getting the better of everone. The music-heavy series has also blessed us with its share of unplanned wardrobe malfunctions. Longtime host Ryan Seacrest was the latest victim of this ep-peen-demic, and it sparked enough attention that his stylist even spoke out about it.

During the Season 20 finale on May 22, Ryan Seacrest was advised he needed to make a quick change during a commercial break in regards to his underwear, because what he had on (or didn't) was apparently too revealing. Viewers didn't need to be super eagle-eyed to see what the issue was, either. Seacrest shared the story on Live With Kelly and Ryan! after the fact, saying things got frantic when it was clear viewers were getting an eyeful. In his words:

Apparently, America voted and said there was anatomy in the shot. There was just panic about it, and we changed it.

The fact that things went as smoothly as they did after that was all thanks to Seacrest’s longtime stylist Miles Siggins, who provided some extra underwear for Seacrest to slip into to shield...things...from America. Thanks to Siggins' efforts (or no thanks to them, depending on your perspective) the potentially embarrassing moment soon passed, though the moment will forever live on in tight-fitting memories. 

Siggins took to Instagram to address the incident while also namechecking the famed brand that was used to save the day.

Ryan Seacrest may be a few years shy of 50, but he can definitely still model for Calvin Klein if he chooses to. He's also more than welcome to continue having more wardrobe malfunctions next season on American Idol, whether they’re on purpose or accidental. Having something quasi-exposed on live television in front of millions of viewers is definitely tough, but at least Seacrest is able to laugh about it and probably learn from it. 

Even though American Idol is known for creating the next superstar, the series is also known for creating some unforgettable moments. Katy Perry has also had her fair share of malfunctions, and not all that long ago, either. The singer found herself in a total SpongeBob SquarePants situation, not once but twice, with the first time happening in 2018 and then again back in March 2022.

When compared to Seacrest’s scary health update late last year, at least this situation was less serious and more comedic. And now, he’ll forever have this moment not only ingrained in his memory but also on video that will probably never be erased.

While the series is now done for the season, the American Idol finale is streaming on Hulu, so if you want to see Seacrest’s penis panic… er, I mean, see who is crowned the next American Idol, go for it. Check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 TV schedule to see what else to catch.

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