Katy Perry's Pants Split On American Idol, And She Was The Opposite Of Embarrassed

American Idol judge and pop superstar Katy Perry has never been a shy person, and she proved that once again on a recent episode of ABC's reality singing competition. For the second time since the show has rebooted, Perry had a wardrobe malfunction, and was far from embarrassed about it despite being onstage in front of a packed house:

Katy Perry was having a laugh with her fellow American Idol celebrity judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan when all of the sudden, her pants split. The fact was undeniable once Perry hopped to her feet and hiked up her Silver Surfer inspired ensemble to flaunt the issue to the audience, but one has to wonder how exactly the moment happened. Splitting one's pants from a stationary sitting position isn't entirely impossible, but as any pants-splitting veteran might know, it's far from typical that something like that goes down. Did Perry's slight snicker cause the off-white spandex underneath to separate, or was this a planned stunt to promote the show after the response folks had to the last time this happened?

Fans and skeptics can dispute amongst themselves what the true story is behind Katy Perry's latest wardrobe malfunction, but surely both sides can agree the pop princess needs to wear some fuller coverage underwear if her pants can rip that easily! Also, while owning mistakes and laughing things off is a great way to get over embarrassing situations, perhaps exposing one's cheeks to ensure each and every individual in the American Idol audience saw what went down might just be a bit overboard. The crowd didn't seem to mind, though, and, minus Luke Bryan (who looks to have quickly averted his eyes and thought of his wife at home) everyone got a good laugh out of the moment.

It's all about entertainment, of course, and Katy Perry is certainly giving American Idol its money's worth. The host's contract for the show was pretty substantial, and now some may be inclined to believe there may have been an added cash incentive for any wardrobe malfunction that manages to happen. That's probably not true, thought, as a simple Google search will reveal Perry has a pretty decent history of similar incidents outside of national television, and considering the pop star's level of attention and the crazy outfits she has been known to wear, it's a wonder she doesn't have more!

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