After Anthony Anderson Announced Law And Order Exit, Another Former Star Weighs In On A Possible Return

The past TV season saw the return of Law & Order after a nearly 12-year hiatus, with Sam Waterston and Anthony Anderson reprising their beloved roles from the original series. Shortly after Season 22 ordered, however, Anderson was confirmed not be returning. But on the heels of that news, former L&O star Angela Harmon is weighing in on a possible return of her own.

Angela Harmon portrayed ADA Abbie Carmichael from Seasons 9 to 11 of the NBC legal drama. Fans haven’t seen the character since 2001, so a potential comeback would likely be welcomed by viewers. The Lifetime star discussed Law & Order with ET and admitted that she was contacted by franchise creator Dick Wolf and his team during Season 21. And if that weren't enough, her further comments are sure to get people pumped:

I would love it. I was like, 'Look, guys. I mean, I would love to maybe do an arc or something. I would love to revisit Abbie. She was just so fun and wonderful.

Angie Harmon on Law & Order

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Angela Harmon appeared in a total of 72 episodes throughout her time on Law & Order, and she even popped into an additional six on SVU. The fact that there's some interest not only on Harmon's end but on Team Dick Wolf's as well could definitely bode well for our chances of seeing Abbie again. At present, Harmon is looking towards the release of her Lifetime movie, Buried in Barstow, and she has the thriller Arcas in development. Whatever her schedule, though, I'm sure Wolf and co. would accommodate her.

For those who need a refresher, Abbie Carmichael was written out after she accepted a job offer from the U.S. Attorney’s office in New York during the Season 11 finale. If she does come back, I'd be excited to learn about what she's been up to all these years. It would also be great to see her working alongside Sam Waterston’s DA Jack McCoy again.

News of Angie Harmon's apparent communication with Dick Wolf may be as surprising to some as Anthony Anderson's departure was. Anderson's initial contract was for only Season 21, as he merely wanted to help relaunch Law & Order. Despite his exit, he did still celebrate the news of the show’s renewal. The black-ish star “jumped” at the opportunity to reprise Detective Kevin Bernard after the ABC comedy ended, meaning he definitely still has a soft spot for the franchise. Let's hope we see him return at some point in the future as well.

Along with Angela Harmon, The Flash’s Jesse L. Martin has also discussed the possibility of coming back to Law & Order. But after landing the role in a new series, it's hard to say if it'll come to fruition. There are still a number of unknowns surrounding Season 22 but, if it does open the doors for stars like Harmon and Martin to reprise their roles, then color me excited!

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