After Jeff Hardy's Release, He's Teaming With Matt To Take On Another Ex-WWE Tag Team

Jeff Hardy’s shocking release from WWE led to a lot of drama and concern from fans, but now with the passage of time and a few key details cleared up, everyone is looking ahead to the future. Specifically, fans are excited about the prospect of Jeff teaming up again with his brother Matt Hardy and the reunion of one of pro wrestling’s most iconic modern tag-teams. Sure enough, The Hardys announced they would indeed go back to performing as a duo on the independent circuit, and it looks like they’ll square off against another notable former WWE tag team in the process. 

Northeast Wrestling promotion is currently advertising a match for Sunday, March 27th in Waterbury, Connecticut, that will pit The Hardys up against a former WWE tag team that never quite reached their potential after climbing out of NXT. Nzo, formerly known as Enzo Amore, will tag with Caz XL (formerly Big Cass) and go to war with The Hardys at Crosby High School. Enzo shared a promotional picture for the event on Instagram, and I couldn’t get any more hyped for an indie wrestling show. 

For those curious, this is not the first time these guys will meet in the ring. In fact, both tag teams were a part of a massive tag-team match at WrestleMania 33, which featured the surprise return of The Hardy Boyz. The brothers went on to win the tag-team titles in that match, which kicked off their latest run as a duo in the WWE. That run ended when Matt Hardy left for AEW in 2020 following the expiration of his contract, and with Jeff Hardy now out of WWE, this match is possible. 

Enzo and Big Cass didn’t have quite the iconic run The Hardy Boyz had in WWE. The two were one of NXT’s most popular tag teams, thanks in part to Enzo Amore’s biting promos and the strength and size of Big Cass. Unfortunately, the WWE never seemed intent on making the two a winning tag team when they finally arrived on the main roster, despite their massive popularity with fans. Both men were released separately in 2018 (Enzo later made headlines for making a scene at a pay-per-view after his firing) but have since reunited and continued to perform on the indie wrestling circuit. 

One important thing to note about this matchup that fans might be interested in is that one of these four wrestlers looks a lot different than his WWE days. Enzo Amore put in some time at the gym since his release, and the result is rather jaw-dropping. 

Take a look at Enzo’s new look below:

Enzo is looking absolutely shredded and more like a wrestler who doesn’t need to hide behind his super tall and strong cohort anymore. This definitely feels like a match anyone in the area would want to attend, especially if they are looking for a preview of what to expect should The Hardy Boyz reunite over in AEW. 

None of the above wrestlers are currently working for the WWE, but fans can see their previous matches with a Peacock Premium subscription all the same. It’s certainly worth watching The Hardys’ WrestleMania comeback, which remains one of the top Mania moments in recent history. For more viewing options, check out our 2022 TV schedule.

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