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After Kelly Clarkson's Legal Setback, She And Ex Brandon Blackstock Have Come To An Agreement About That Montana Ranch

As we're all well-aware, divorces can get contentious – especially where big names and big property values are concerned. There's a lot of give and take, but mostly take, as the logistics are hammered out. Kim Kardashian herself finally won the notorious Hidden Hills mansion from Kanye West in their divorce, only for him to move in as her neighbor not long after. The case of Kelly Clarkson’s divorce with ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, though, is a horse of a slightly different color. The pop singer faced a legal setback in the fight over their formerly joint Montana ranch, but now they've seemingly come to an agreement on the matter.

The battle over their Montana ranch has been ongoing for many months, primarily because Brandon Blackstock was hoping to live and work on the property as a rancher after retiring as Kelly Clarkson’s talent manager. The judge in their divorce ultimately deemed Clarkson the sole owner of the ranch, per the established prenuptial agreement, but she was met with more pushback from her ex. Namely, it was reported that The Voice coach lost a bid to have Blackstock evicted from the location due to his claim that he didn't have “financial means” to get his own place amidst the ongoing divorce proceedings.

Well, it would seem that the Montana ranch issue is no longer one. According to new court documents obtained by People, the singer agreed to give her ex exactly 5.12% of the property in order to settle the contention. In terms of cash value, it comes out to $908,800 of the ranch’s appraised $17.75 million worth.

So essentially, Brandon Blackstock is getting close to a million dollars to vacate the Montana ranch and move elsewhere. The financial resolution comes on top of Blackstock also receiving almost $200,000 per month in child and spousal support from the TV personality. With this, there's a fair chance the entertainer's legions of fans will have a thing or two to say about the big payout, as they did with the hefty monthly support bill.

Despite the awkward Montana ranch struggle and an even more awkward co-parenting situation of their two children, the daytime talk show host apparently doesn't have any regrets when it comes to her marriage and subsequent divorce. However, in terms of dating again anytime soon, Kelly Clarkson is reportedly still “adjusting to her new normal.” The same was said for Kim Kardashian in the months after filing her divorce, just saying. But likely after all the legal hoopla, Clarkson won’t actually want to jump back into another relationship so soon.

Professionally, the “Since U Been Gone” singer took home another major bragging right in the last season of The Voice. Kelly Clarkson’s popular daytime talk show will also be taking over Ellen DeGeneres's long-held timeslot on NBC soon. So it would seem Clarkson's “new normal” includes success, freedom, and a Montana ranch all to herself.

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