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After Letting Patrons Buy Beers For Betty White, Pub Finds Sweet Way To Use The Money

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Ahead of the New Year, we sadly learned the news of Betty White’s passing at age 99. White’s legacy remains unmatched in the halls of the entertainment industry, as well as in the hearts and minds of her fans and collaborators. In fact, one way the actress continues to live on is through a pub’s efforts – which she would surely see the hilarity in. Patrons at the establishment would buy beers in Betty White’s name for many years, and now the money is going toward a very sweet cause.

The pub, called the Commerce Street Brewery, is located in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, where Betty White’s late husband Allen Ludden was born and raised. In honor of the marital connection, NPR reports that the pub started up a tradition of patrons buying beers for the Golden Girls star (and even created a signature drink in her name) in an effort to draw her to the location. The running count of free beers waiting on White numbered 40-plus in 2019 and has hit more than 110 since her sudden death.

Obviously, the esteemed icon can no longer make the trek up to Mineral Point to down a hundred lagers. (Although, I would’ve paid good money to have seen it.) So, in lieu of her absence, the pub is dedicated to sending the (so far) $565 and counting worth of Betty White beers to local animal shelter(s) in her name. (White was a known-advocate for animals.) Proprietor Mike Zupke told the outlet,

Once we posted a link for people to buy beers online, the beers/donations have steadily flowed in, from all over the country.

Along with the Commerce Street Brewery’s sweet ode to Betty White, fans are also rallying elsewhere to honor the late star. Her former agent suggested in a statement sharing funeral details that fans donate to White’s favorite charities or a local animal shelter. On social media, it manifested in the growing #BettyWhiteChallenge which is seeing countless fans pledge donations to their local animal shelters on what would’ve been her 100th birthday on January 17.

In tandem, the outpouring of anecdotes and memories from Betty White’s co-workers continues to grow. (And it shows off the breadth of her work that impressively spans eight decades.) The list includes a That '70s Show alum, a Hot in Cleveland star, her Golden Girls spinoff show castmate Don Cheadle, and on and on and on. But what really got me was that fan tribute showcasing a Betty White/Joan Rivers roast-fest that went viral.

It is heartwarming to know that Betty White got her flowers both in life and in death. As sad as it is that she passed away just weeks shy of her 100th birthday, seeing all of the tributes in her honor can help to sooth the sting. Fans can remember her and all the great roles she had. And if you’d like to buy a beer for Betty (and some animal shelters), the donation link for the Commerce Street Brewery is here.

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