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Hot In Cleveland Star Valerie Bertinelli Pays Tribute To Betty White, Recalls How The 'Girls' On The Show Kept Up

The passing of Betty White struck a serious chord with the many people she touched both on and off-screen. The TV icon's death at 99 was even more bittersweet considering that she was only weeks away from celebrating her 100th birthday. Of course, those hit hardest by her death were her loved ones as well as the Hollywood stars who got to work with and know the television legend personally. This includes her Hot in Cleveland colleague, Valerie Bertinelli, who decided to honor the legend in a lovely way everyone can enjoy.

The One Day at a Time alum took to Instagram to let her followers know some sweet news. Food Network and Valerie Bertinelli agreed to re-air two episodes of her cooking show Valerie’s Home Cooking featuring Betty White as a guest. What makes the episodes even better is that they turned into full-on Hot in Cleveland reunions, as Wendie Malik and Jane Levee joined them. And in her post, Bertinelli revealed the episodes were pretty typical for the former co-stars:

The girls and I used to meet at a restaurant once a month to catch up, so for the second episode, I invited them to the house for a few small bites before this time.

It's great to know that the Hot in Cleveland cast stayed connected after the TV Land series ended in 2015. Their monthly catch-up sessions are just on example of the bond the four women formed over six seasons. Given how funny Betty White was, she must’ve had her colleagues in stitches during their chats. These re-aired episodes will certainly allow Valerie Bertinelli and other White admirers to enjoy some fond memories of the TV personality. The Touched by an Angel alum shared some candid moments between White and her castmates, which you can see down below:

Valerie Bertinelli's First Reaction to Betty White's Death Was Very Touching

Before she announced the re-airings, Valerie Bertinelli was one of many fans, friends, and co-stars who expressed sadness over Betty White’s passing. Her initial reaction to White’s death was more somber, but still sentimental, as she shared a happy moment between her and the late star. Check the television veteran's tender response down below:

Most would agree that the post could bring tears to your eyes. Nevertheless, it's a sweet way for one to memorialize someone who was incredibly special to them.

The Hot in Cleveland Star Recalled The Time She Spent With Betty White

It's easy to imagine that a lasting friendship between two people can result from years of working together. Having worked in television for five decades, Valerie Bertinelli has worked with some of television’s biggest stars, but meeting and collaborating with Betty White seems to have been a unique experience for her. Bertinelli recently recalled the first time she the Mary Tyler Moore Show star:

I just remember being in awe of her, and she was like it’s no big deal… She wanted to be treated like everybody else, and that was important to her… She’s kind. She’s full of gratitude... She’s so smart and funny.

Acting alongside a comedy legend would truly leave even the most seasoned star speechless, but that was the power of Betty White. In the same interview with Today, Valerie Bertinelli mentioned that it wasn’t the on-set moments she cherished the most, though:

My favorite Betty memories are when the four of us – Betty, Wendie, Jane, and I. We would go out to dinner, and we would just enjoy ourselves. We’d have cocktails… We would usually go to one of Betty’s favorite restaurants and just hang out with the girls. It was relaxed… She’s just so lovely and so funny and real… She’s just one of the kindest people I’ve ever known.

Given how close they were, the loss of Betty White seemed to hit the actress hard. But at least, the Hot in Cleveland star has sweet memories from her time with Betty White to look back on. If you missed the episodes of Valerie's Home Cooking this past Thursday, you can check them out again on Sunday, January 9 at 8 a.m. ET on Food Network. You can also relive some of the late star’s funniest remarks and scenes, by streaming Hot in Cleveland on Amazon Prime Video and Paramount+.

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