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After William Petersen And Jorja Fox Announce CSI: Vegas Exits, Another Star Follows Them Out The Door

CSI: Vegas has gone over well with audiences, so much so that CBS decided to renew the series for another season. Unfortunately, fans recently learned the next season will be without some of the franchise's biggest stars. William Peterson first announced he'd be leaving, followed by Jorja Fox's own announcement, and now there's news another cast member plans to exit. When CSI: Vegas returns for Season 2, it will apparently do so without star Mel Rodriguez. 

Mel Rodriguez stars at Chief Medical Examiner Hugo Ramirez in CSI: Vegas, but the word is that's ending in Season 2. TV Line reported Rodriguez would leave the show as a series regular, though there's a possibility that future guest star appearances could be on the table. A representative for CBS declined to comment on the news. 

Mel Rodriguez in CSI: Las Vegas

(Image credit: CBS)

No exact reason is out there regarding Mel Rodriguez's exit, though it's worth noting CSI: Vegas originally started out as a limited series. With another season on the way, Rodriguez might have commitments elsewhere that prevent him from being a part of Season 2 in a full-time capacity. Until we have more answers, we can only speculate and continue to wonder how this show moves on without key cast members?

CSI: Vegas losing three main cast members ahead of Season 2 is quite a blow that any new show might struggle to recoup from. The good news is that William Peterson will stick with the show as an executive producer despite his exit as an actor. Jorja Fox made a decision not to return and told fans in her announcement she didn’t want to split up Sara and Grissom once again. 

Showrunner Jason Tracey said at the end of Season 1 that Peterson and Fox’s return wasn't expected, thus suggesting their departure may have always been in the works. After all, these shows were designed to also be accessible to new audiences, so it's doubtful the series can't go on without Season 1 stars and franchise icons. 

Essentially, it stands to reason that Mel Rodriguez’s exit is not the start of some mass exodus of actors from CSI: Vegas. Actors join and leave shows all the time, and if the CBS series can deliver the same thrills and suspense (like that new serial killer) that ran all throughout Season 1, that’s fine. It will be interesting to see who joins CSI: Vegas ahead of Season 2 and if any other legends of the CSI franchise might appear in the next batch of episodes.

CSI: Vegas will return for Season 2, though at the moment, there are no concrete details on when it will arrive. Those waiting for its return needn't worry about staying entertained in the meantime, as there's no shortage of new shows on television at the moment for audiences to enjoy. 

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