All Of The American Horror Stories Season 2 Episodes, Ranked

Denis O'Hare in the trailer for American Horror Stories.
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Do you like spooky scary stuff? Because I do. 

It’s that time of year where Halloween is coming soon, the weather is starting to turn just a little crisper, and I am getting closer everyday to wearing sweaters and cuddling up on the couch to watch my favorite Halloween movies. However, this summer delivered something that almost felt like a precursor to this time of year, and that was Season 2 of the anthology series, American Horror Stories

Premiering at the end of July 2022, the second season of the show from creator Ryan Murphy (who created its predecessor, American Horror Story) dropped on FX and on Hulu for those who love all things strange and bizarre to enjoy. To be honest, Season 2 was so much better than Season 1. With eight episodes, though, there are usually the ones that stand out amongst the others. Here is my personal ranking of the American Horror Stories Season 2 episodes. 

And, obviously, big spoilers for Season 2 down below!!!

Bloody Mary in Bloody Mary.

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8. Bloody Mary

Yeah, “Bloody Mary” just wasn’t it. 

I have to admit, when I first heard about this episode, I was really excited. It was cool to have an episode featuring an all-Black female cast and to see the actual spirit of Bloody Mary look really cool in the previews. 

When the actual episode came around, I just wasn’t into it. It felt almost too campy. I’m okay with certain kinds of camp, but I’ve come to know this horror franchise as one that balances campy with creepy and this one was just a little too campy for my taste. The only highlights were some of the gory death scenes, but other than that, it wasn’t really scary in any way, shape, or form. 

Bella Thorne in American Horror Stories.

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7.  Drive

To be honest, the only thing saving this episode from the last spot is how bad “Bloody Mary” was, but “Drive” isn't that far behind it. Truthfully, the only saving grace for this episode was that Bella Thorne was really good in her role. I was eager to see her added to the American Horror Stories Season 2 cast, and she performed well. 

The twist at the end just didn’t feel earned, however, and felt quite rushed. I had a feeling there was more to her character than she let on, but it didn’t feel like a good conclusion. I also despised the ending where she and her husband started to work together to kill people. It would have been better if she just killed him and did things solo. Now, that would have been a twist. 

Alicia Silverstone in American Horror Stories.

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6. Lake

I had such high hopes for this episode. As the Season 2 finale, it featured Alicia Silverstone in her first ever horror TV role. I loved her as the star of the Clueless cast and have loved her in plenty of other roles, but damn it…”Lake” just didn’t do it for me. 

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the first half of this episode. The idea of some sea creature or vengeful spirit of the dead literally living in the lake and taking the souls of children was something that I could get behind. It was creepy, and the visuals of the dead bodies in that lake were really well done. I also really liked the exploration of the mother-daughter relationship as they searched for her son’s body. 

But, then they brought on the trope of “oh, my ancestors did these horrible things so now we have to pay for their crimes,” and ugh, I hate that. It’s such a lazy excuse for writers to use as a reason as to why someone is being killed. Why can’t we just have monsters who want to kill and don’t need a reason? It ruined the whole episode for me, despite strong performances from the actors. 

The characters in Facelift.

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5. Facelift 

I have to say, I actually really enjoyed “Facelift.” There were moments during the episode where I was genuinely freaked out, and as someone who wants to never step foot near a plastic surgeon's office, it made my irrational fear of that kind of stuff that much more rational. Also, the idea that Judith Light's character was literally given a pig snout and pig hooves without her even knowing had me squealing. 

The only reason I put this episode at five is that it felt a little too rushed at the end. I wasn’t a big fan of how easily Light’s daughter dove into the world of the “beautiful people” and sort of just let the death of her stepmother slide. I feel like that wouldn’t normally happen. But, everything else was great. 

The spirit in American Horror Stories.

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4. Aura

I’ve heard from a lot of people that “Aura” is one of the favorites among the bunch of episodes for Season 2 of American Horror Stories, but for me it's at number four. Don’t get me wrong, I actually really enjoyed the episode. Watching Max Greenfield (otherwise known as Schmidt from New Girl) act as a total jerk at the end was something to behold, and I loved seeing Gabourey Sidibe back in the world of AHS. 

But, the ending also felt a little rushed, like many of the other episodes. However, I have to give this one props where it deserves because the idea of having new world technology haunted by the spirits of your past that are seeking vengeance or want to apologize for something is something that I seriously love. Makes me want to check my own Ring doorbell. 

The two stars of Milkmaids.

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3. Milkmaids

Ugh, I loved “Milkmaids.” If anything, these next two episodes could be interchangeable because I loved both so much. Anytime AHS dives into the past, they always do such an amazing job, and American Horror Stories is no different. I loved the fables that were told, I loved the actors, and seeing Cody Fern on the AHS stage again was something I can always support. 

The only reason I put it at number three is that I was sad that the main couple ended up both getting killed because of mass hysteria over them being “milkmaids,” and there being this saying that milkmaids were basically like the devil’s invention, but this is American Horror Stories and I’m expecting messed up endings like that, so it flies with me. 

Madison Iseman in American Horror Stories.

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2. Necro

“Necro” was so weird and made me so uncomfortable and I loved it. 

First off, Madison Iseman is in her final girl era and I am loving her in these horror roles. First in the rebooted I Know What You Did Last Summer cast and now here, she is truly showing off her horror skills. Put her in a horror movie! 

Secondly, this is so twisted, and it perfectly symbolizes what American Horror Stories is - strange and bizarre and featuring some truly messed up characters - both of whom literally get turned on by death due to past trauma. It’s intense and crazy and everything I ever could have wanted, and the ending for this episode – where they are literally buried alive as they are having sex – is something I’m still not over. 

The stars of Dollhouse.

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1. Dollhouse 

Look, if you’ve seen this season, you knew “Dollhouse” was going to be number one. It just is. 

Not only does it feature an amazing cast and some pretty creepy visuals of a man who is obsessed with dolls and wants to make his son’s future mother a literal doll, it was brilliantly done. The sets were fantastic, the acting amazing (especially from Looking for Alaska cast member, Kristine Froseth), and that twist at the end – genius. 

American Horror Story: Coven is my favorite season of the original, and to see the first episode of Season 2 have that connection at the end, where the main character is taken to that famous coven down in New Orleans, gave me a smile so wide it wouldn’t leave my lips for hours. 

There hasn’t been confirmation on whether or not American Horror Stories is coming back for Season 3 just yet, but I sure hope we’ll get to see more of these crazy tales and be even more creeped out at the mind of Ryan Murphy and his team of writers. Now to wait for spooky season to officially begin.  

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