Alicia Silverstone Is Joining Her First Horror TV Show, And I Am Beyond Buggin'

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Though her early career featured performances that were fairly dark in nature, from 1993's The Crush to those Aerosmith music videos, ‘90s icon Alicia Silverstone is definitely more known for her cheerier comedic performances. (And I'm largely counting her infamous Batgirl role in that category as well, all things considered.) But the Clueless vet will soon be seen in generally unfamiliar territories, as Silverstone is heading to her first big horror TV show as part of the cast of American Horror Stories Season 2.

As awesome as it would be to see Alicia Silverstone joining other horror TV projects like Fear the Walking Dead or a future Haunting of... season from Mike Flanagan, there's something inherently perfect about the actress diving into the genre with American Horror Story's co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. The pair have pulled off more hits than misses within the AHS franchise so far, and though it’d obviously be more preferable for Silverstone to join the mothership series for a full-season role (or roles, given how Double Feature turned out), buggin’ beggars cannot be buggin’ choosers. I. Will. Take. It.

Given how secretive AHS franchise is when it comes to what fans can expect, it’s perhaps not a surprise at all that we don’t yet know how Silverstone will play into the upcoming anthologized season of American Horror Stories, nor how many episodes she will appear in. The news of her joining the cast was made public through the show’s Twitter, with a video previewing the first wave of confirmed cast members for Season 2. Is Silverstone the only big name mentioned? As if!! We've got Bella Thorne, Judith Light and more on the way.

Before those, though, check out the list of returning franchise stars below, with no sign yet of whether Season 1's AHS fanatic Noah Cyrus or Paris Jackson will return:

  • Cody Fern 
  • Max Greenfield 
  • Nico Greetham 
  • Denis O’Hare 
  • Gabourey Sidibe

Both American Crime Story vet Cody Fern and The Prom’s Nico Greetham were involved in American Horror Stories’ first season, and both have also appeared in one or more seasons of the flagship horror series. Considering Fern’s AHS career started out with the living Antichrist, it’s always interesting to see what roles he lands. Meanwhile, New Girl vet Max Greenfield previously cameoed in Hotel in a particularly gnarly role, while Gabourey Sidibe has guest-starred in four seasons so far, with three of those seasons featuring her bewitching character Queenie. Finally, Denis O’Hare has starred or appeared in six of American Horror Story’s ten seasons to date, and almost always in truly disturbing roles.

Below are all the newcomers joining American Horror Stories Season 2.

  • Derrick Aguis
  • Genevieve Aitken
  • Cameron Cowpertwaite
  • Kristine Froseth
  • Madison Iseman
  • Dominique Jackson
  • Judith Light
  • Maryssa Menendez
  • Raven Scott
  • Sarah Silva
  • Alicia Silverstone
  • Kyla Drew Simmons
  • Kyanna Simone
  • Bella Thorne
  • Anthony De La Torre
  • Houston Jax Towe
  • Quvenzhané Wallis

As exciting as that squad is, it's fun knowing there are even more reveals to come. Let’s all agree Twisty actor John Carroll Lynch needs to return once more, since he's as big a highlight as it gets with these shows. 

American Horror Stories Season 2 marks one of Hulu’s biggest July debuts, so definitely tune in when it premieres on Thursday, July 21, as part of the FX on Hulu lineup. While waiting for more casting updates, head to our 2022 TV schedule to see what other frights will be popping up across the summer and beyond.

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