As Bull Wrapped Its Run On CBS, Michael Weatherly Went Pants-Free And Shared A Bunch Of Set Memories

Michael Weatherly in the last ever episode of Bull
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While Michael Weatherly did fans the courtesy of letting them know he’d be leaving CBS’ Bull at the end of the season, which also meant the end of the show, at the time of the announcement it was only January and the end didn’t feel all that near. In fact, Bull had the distinct honor of being the very last CBS show to air a finale this TV season. Fans and the cast had months to adjust to saying goodbye to Bull, but it didn’t really make things that much easier when the finale happened, particularly given Weatherly himself spent the final week sharing memories and amusing the fans by sharing posts of himself going pantless on set. 

Among the first posts the Bull actor shared ahead of the finale, there’s a funny one of the actor seemingly reading a script while relaxing sans pants on set. We saw a lot of people like Tom Holland go pants-free during the pandemic for things like Zoom interviews, but it looks like Weatherly took things a step further and tried it out at work. 

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Amusingly, he also joked on the post that he was saying “byebye” to his Bull pants. And I guess now fans have the answer to the age-old "boxers or briefs?" question.  

Not all of his looks back at the final days on set were this amusing, however. The Bull actor also shared a set "secret" with the fanbase. Apparently he has some trouble with some of the longer monologues in the legal drama and they tape up dialogue for him. This seems to be a common problem for Weatherly, who says it will probably be a part of his future as well. (Perhaps maybe even a future that will see a Tony DiNozzo NCIS return?) 

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And in case you needed an adorable moment to complete the picture, the actor also shared a photo featuring his son, Liam, wearing his Jason Bull glasses. He’s a chip off the old TV block right there. Also, there’s something about kids in glasses that are too big for their faces that gets me every time. 

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Bull wrapped its sixth and final season just last week on CBS. Its final episode -- and we're gonna get into some spoilers -- was a bit of a surprising one, given Jason Bull ultimately decided to break client privilege and announce a client was guilty, which obviously put him out of a job. In his absence, Chunk and Marissa stayed on to manage the trial science firm moving forward, but that could be a bit of an uphill battle given what happened. 

Of course, we'll never know, as that's a wrap for CBS' Bull and quite a few other shows that got the cancellation axe this season. As for what's next for Michael Weatherly, Geneva Carr and co. we'll just have to wait and see. 

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