After Tom Holland Went Viral For Pantless Interviews, The Russo Brothers Have Joined In

Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Far From Home

The unprecedented events of 2020 changed the way traditional interviews are conducted. Due to safety guidelines and COVID-19 cases, many Hollywood stars have been promoting their projects from home. Recently, Spider-Man: Far from Home star Tom Holland recently went viral for doing pantless interviews. After seeing Holland’s post on social media, the Russo Brothers joined in on the fun.

Interviews have taken on a new standard as evident by Tom Holland’s Instagram Stories. Hollywood has continued to roll out film and television projects despite the ongoing pandemic. Given the nature of Zoom or Skype interviews, stars don’t necessarily need to be fully dressed; dressing from the top half has become perfectly acceptable. After the actor went viral, his Avengers directors the Russo Brothers followed suit. Joe Russo recently posted an image of himself doing a pantless interview. Check out the tweet below:

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Made evident by the Twitter post, the Russo Brothers decided to embrace pantless interviews just like Tom Holland. As mentioned before, Hollywood has continued to promote projects and talent to push so doing these interviews has become the norm. Seeing celebrities and other creatives interviewed via Zoom or Skype has become the new standard on daytime and late-night talk shows. The pants-free style has come courtesy of the directing duo and Tom Holland promoting the upcoming crime drama Cherry.

Despite Tom Holland going viral, neither he nor the Russo Brothers were the first ones to embrace the pantless lifestyle. Alexandra Daddario was one of the first stars to embrace the no-pants lifestyle as the pandemic continued to rage on. She even questioned the reason for wearing pants. Halle Berry has been chronicling her no-pants lifestyle on social media in 2020, even embracing it into 2021. Like the average citizen, Hollywood has embraced the a pants-free life as Zoom meetings and virtual chats have become the norm for many business affairs. Whether this becomes the standard beyond 2021 is yet to be seen.

As increased people embrace conducting business pantless, the Russo Brothers are just the latest public figures to embrace the no-pants lifestyle. They along with Tom Holland gave the public as well as fans a peek behind the curtain of how Hollywood is moving forward despite the ongoing pandemic. The photo also proved how close the directing duo with the Marvel star, given their recent collaboration. But when it comes to embracing the no-pants lifestyle, it allowed for a certain amount of comfortability. Unfortunately, as people become more comfortable being pantless, everyone will eventually have to go back to the office or talk show set and embrace clothing once more. All this pantless talk has been great promotion for the Russos and Holland’s latest film Cherry. The film will arrive in theaters on Feb. 26 before coming to AppleTV+ on Mar. 12.

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