As Jeopardy Fans Wait On Hosting News, Mayim Bialik Reveals Harsh Comments She's Heard From Fans

So far, Mayim Bialik’s stint as Jeopardy! co-host hasn’t come without its criticisms. It’s kind of been trial by fire for the actress, who simultaneously stars on Call Me Kat, in her introduction to the game show’s rabidly loyal and opinionated (and sometimes easily angered) fanbase. As the classic quiz show draws near the end of its 38th season — and closer to an announcement about whether she, Ken Jennings or someone else will host Jeopardy! going forward — Bialik talked about the harsh comments she’s received from supposed fans. 

In her days hosting Jeopardy!, Mayim Bialik has withstood commentary on everything from her wardrobe (something not noted with Alex Trebek) to the tone of her voice when responding to contestants. Sometimes the notes from producers and fans are more valid than others, such as when fans took issue with her calling the initial round of the game “Single Jeopardy!” rather than just “Jeopardy!” (even though Trebek himself used the former phrase occasionally). But on her podcast, Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown, the actress  revealed the feedback she’s gotten that’s really not helpful to anyone: 

[People will tell you] exactly how they feel. Like, ‘I saw you in a magazine. I was very confused. You looked pretty.’ I get that a lot.

What is that? It’s bad enough that someone would even think that, but WHY would anyone ever feel that’s an appropriate thing to say out loud? To someone’s face! And apparently, the host gets that “a lot.” Come on, people. Justin Long, who appeared on that episode of the podcast, said he thought acting was the only profession (maybe other than politics) where people would tell you such deeply insulting things with a big smile, like, "You're better looking in person." 

When it comes to feedback about her actual job of sharing hosting duties with Ken Jennings, Mayim Bialik has said she is doing her best to make longtime fans happy, and the job is something she’d love to continue long-term. She’s got stiff competition, though, as Jennings has a built-in following due to his being one of the greatest Jeopardy! champions to ever play the game.

Fans have been trying to pick up on any possible hints being dropped about who will land the job permanently. While it’s no insult to the neuroscientist, recent super champ Mattea Roach threw her support behind Ken Jennings to get the permanent hosting job, as she pointed out that he’s Jeopardy! royalty. But recent comments from executive producer Michael Davies seemed to indicate there might be “multiple hosts” going forward.

Following the show’s win at the 2022 Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Game Show, the EP said with more versions of the show being planned — including Celebrity Jeopardy! which ABC announced as part of its fall schedule — they’re going to need “multiple hosts to represent the entire audience.” Should Mayim Bialik continue with the show amid any changes, hopefully she won't have to deal with any further inappropriate remarks.

The current season ends July 29, and fans are hoping to have an answer regarding the future host(s) sooner rather than later. While we wait, you can check out what to watch if you want to see more of Mayim Bialik, and see what shows are premiering soon on CinemaBlend's 2022 TV Schedule.

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