Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won Head Of Household In Week 3, And Who They Might Nominate

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds as of Friday, July 22nd. Raed at your own risk!

Another week is underway in the Big Brother house, as the live feeds continue to deliver the latest news on what’s happening with the game and those who remain. Even though the eviction episode was bumped to Sunday, the live feeds returned late on Thursday evening to reveal that Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli was evicted. We also learned who the new Head of Household is, as well as a bit more about the new twist.  

Week 3 feels like a key week for the Houseguests, as Pooch’s eviction once again leveled out the male-to-female ratio of the house. There’s certainly a lot of talk amongst the respective sexes about maintaining a voting majority, so it seems obvious that whoever won will target a member of the opposite sex for eviction. With that said, let’s dive into this week, and talk out some of the factors the new HOH will consider with their week. 

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Turner Is The Week 3 Head Of Household

Matt “Turner” Turner is the winner this week, and honestly, this is the best outcome for anyone who wanted things to get exciting. Pooch was Turner’s closest ally in the game, and he only really learned of the house’s plan to evict Pooch over Taylor hours before it actually happened. Ignorance of others' plans is rarely a good sign for a Houseguest in Big Brother, so I’d expect Turner to use this week to figure out how he was caught off guard, and punish those responsible for getting out his ally. 

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The BB Fest Bestie Twist May Impact Nominations

Big Brother hasn’t revealed the official details of the new “Besties” twist yet, but we do know a bit of what’s going on thanks to chatter from the Houseguests on Thursday night. All of the Houseguests are split into pairs, and Turner will nominate a pair for eviction. According to Terrance Higgins’ conversation last night with Ameerah Jones, both nominated Besties will get a chance to compete in the Veto ceremony, and if either wins, they’re both safe from eviction. This is a key detail for a big reason, and one that might cause a headache for Turner. 

With one veto winner capable of saving both nominees, the odds of a veto win renomination are high. Additionally, it appears that Jasmine and Turner are paired as Besties for the twist, and with her injured ankle, there’s a chance she won’t be ready to compete in the veto competition. As such, Turner might compete on his own which reduces his odds of winning. As such he might need a couple of options for targets, and be prepared in the event his initial nominee comes off the block. 

Turner will likely want to take out whoever orchestrated Pooch’s eviction because it's possible that they wanted to target him as well. Unfortunately for him, Jasmine was the mastermind and HOH of that eviction, and she’s now his Bestie and presumably safe for the week. Turner will have to evict someone else, and it’s more than likely he’ll target one of the women for eviction. 

Again, we don’t know the definitive rules for this twist, but it seems that while the HOH will be forced to nominate a grouped pair, the house will vote which of the two is actually evicted. Turner mentioned in the early hours of Friday morning he saw Taylor Hale (no surprise there given her treatment) and Brittany Hoopes leaving in the next two weeks, which could signal his plans for the week. With that said, I could see the other guys in the house wanting him to go after a stronger player like Ameerah Jones, who currently has a great position in the house and has had strong showings in every competition she’s played in. In either case, I’d be shocked to see one of the males go home this week, but we’ll see what he does. 

Big Brother has a special two-hour episode on CBS on Sunday, July 24th beginning at 8:00 p.m. ET. Keep an eye on the live feeds with a Paramount+ subscription, and be sure to check out some of the other great shows on the platform. 

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