Big Brother 24 Fans Aren't Happy About How The Show Addressed The Treatment Of Taylor Hale

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Big Brother episode that aired on Wednesday, July 13. Read at your own risk!

Big Brother made headlines in recent days after live feed viewers spoke out about the Houseguests’ treatment and microaggressions directed toward Taylor Hale. Live feed spoilers revealed that Michael Bruner won the veto and that the season’s first Head of Household, Daniel Durston, nominated Taylor in his place. As such, there was obvious interest in how the episode would depict the events of the past days. Unfortunately, there were many disappointed by what they saw for various reasons. 

The episode showed some of the highlights and moments that ultimately led to Taylor’s isolation from the rest of the house, but some key context was excluded. Longtime Big Brother pundit Hamsterwatch wasn’t impressed with the edit and felt it didn’t do enough to address the multiple articles written about Taylor’s mistreatment:

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Big Brother’s latest episode essentially framed that a lot of the tension between Taylor and the house was rooted in an incident with Paloma Aguilar (who some viewers accused of cheating). Paloma told Taylor about wanting to go after the guys, and when Taylor took that information to Monte Taylor, he chose to believe Taylor was lying to him. For those who watched the episode, it seemed like the mistreatment of Taylor started there. In reality, it started days before, on the night of the premiere. At best, the episode edit almost made it look like a misunderstanding, which fans didn’t appreciate:

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While the episode didn’t show every moment fans might’ve wanted to see, Big Brother did leave in at least one pivotal moment that was the talk of the house and factored into Taylor’s isolation. Paloma and others in the house encouraged Taylor to dress up in an outfit she packed for the finale and model it for everyone to see. After she did what they asked, they bad-mouthed her decision to each other later. The episode left out the Houseguests publicly bashing Taylor but included diary room segments of Paloma and Jasmine Davis being very critical of it. The scene angered Josh Martinez, one of the game’s most memorable winners, and he didn’t appreciate how they set up Taylor:

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There were other moments, however, where the Big Brother episode edit didn’t feel so representative of why events occurred. A scene where Taylor cried due to confusion over her treatment and wondering what she'd done wrong almost looked like she was reacting to going up on the block and viewers didn’t appreciate that: 

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It’s unclear whether or not Big Brother intentionally misrepresented the situation, or it just came down to editing the episode and not being able to fit everything in. In either case, Paramount+ subscribers who have been watching the feeds are spreading the word and sharing clips of what really went down to put the Houseguests they believe are responsible for Taylor’s treatment to task. Season 8 winner Dick Donato stated the situation quite plainly:

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Thursday’s eviction episode is just around the corner, and Big Brother may further address Taylor Hale’s mistreatment in some way. It feels important to do given the franchise’s uncomfortable history with various controversies involving racism and how Season 23 managed to break from that trend. Fans will be watching to see what happens and if Taylor has a chance at saving herself from eviction

Big Brother airs on CBS on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET and on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Tune in for the live eviction and to see how the Backstage Pass twist might ultimately save Taylor from being the first out of the house. 

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