Big Brother 24: Who Is Probably Getting Evicted In Week 2

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds as of Wednesday, July 20. Read at your own risk!

Big Brother Season 24 won’t be back until Sunday night, leaving fans to wait and wonder who will be the season's first evictee. Luckily, CinemaBlend is tracking the events of the season, so even though we have to wait for the official result, we know who is most likely going home ahead of the new episode. 

Jasmine Davis had a clear plan when she won the Head of Household, but that plan was thrown into question thanks to an unexpected opportunity. Michael Bruner's second Veto win didn’t change the nominations from Taylor Hale and Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli, so it looks like the plans are set for who is going home. 

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Pooch Is Likely To Be Evicted In Week 2

Pooch volunteered to be a pawn this week, assuming that Taylor would be evicted, but didn’t take into account that the Big Brother Houseguests would jump on the opportunity to take out an obvious threat in the game. The general thought for many is that even though they don’t care much for Taylor, she’s someone who could go at any point. Pooch, on the other hand, already has some people he’s aligned with and could rebalance the male-to-female ratio in the house if he leaves. 

Pooch’s big mistake was volunteering to be a pawn way too early in Big Brother, and not having enough people in his corner to care whether he left. It’ll serve as a lesson to future players, for sure, though as of Wednesday night, Pooch is completely unaware he’s in any danger of leaving. In fact, he’s currently talking about the plans for next week, so this is going to be a real blindside if no one tells him ahead of time. 

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Who Is In Danger In Week 3? 

Assuming Pooch is evicted, which feels 90% certain at this point, there’s definitely going to be a line drawn in the sand next week. I think if the next HOH is a man, we’ll see a woman leave, and vice versa if it’s a woman. There’s a battle of the sexes beginning as the “Girls’ Girls” alliance gains steam, and the guys are generally talking about making sure they have a numbers majority over the women going forward. 

As for specific nominees, a majority of the house seems generally okay if Brittany Hoopes, Matt Turner, or Taylor is gone next week. I’ll say that of the three, Taylor seems the safest of those three despite her rough start, but Big Brother Houseguests who get nominated more than once tend to keep seeing the block until they’re eventually evicted. Ultimately, though, it seems she’s made enough connections that more people find her beneficial to keep around compared to the other two. We’ll see what happens!

Big Brother airs a special two-hour episode on CBS this Sunday, July 24 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Paramount+ subscribers can usually check out the live feeds to get all the details on what’s going on ahead of the episodes, though maybe not for the next few days ahead of this delayed episode. 

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