Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won The HOH In Week 10, And Who They Might Nominate

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds as of Friday, September 9th. Read at your own risk!

After Michael Bruner’s tremendous winning streak came to an end in the double eviction, Big Brother Season 24 feels like a new game. The game is wide open for another Houseguest to step in and win the game, which made this Head of Household a great resume builder for anyone feeling a little light on accolades in the final weeks of the game. 

So, who won the Head of Household this week and set themselves up just a bit better for the endstage of the game? If you're tracking the events of the game and watching the live feeds with a Paramount+ subscription like we are, then you probably already have an idea about this week’s winner. Let’s dive into who it is, and who they might nominate this week.

Monte Taylor in Big Brother

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Monte Taylor Is The Week 10 HOH

Monte Taylor was the driving force in encouraging Matt Turner to take the shot at Michael when he won the veto, and now that he’s won the HoH, Monte has a real chance of making it to the end stages of this game. Of course, his survival to the end might rely on who he chooses to protect this week, and who he decides to send home. Keep in mind this is Monte’s second HOH win, and he made a big move in evicting Nicole Layog that week. This win made his target much larger, so he’ll have to carefully weigh his options. 

Monte Taylor in Big Brother

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Who Monte Might Nominate During His HOH

The Final Five Head of Household is sometimes considered one of the worst wins a Houseguest can achieve in Big Brother. In winning this week, the Final Five HOH is often ineligible for the Final Four HOH, which ensures the winner they’ll be participating in the finale. Since he’s ineligible to win and there’s so few people left, Monte will go into that week either as a nominee, or the sole vote who decides who is evicted. Ideally, he’d like to evict the person who will put him at risk, and protect the people who will keep him safe, but who will he align with?

The only person left in the game that Monte doesn’t have a solid pairing with is Brittany Hoopes, but we’re at a stage of the game where alliances and promises only mean so much. Brittany doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on after Michael’s eviction, so she could be easy pickings for eviction, and a way for Monte to maintain all his alliances and better his chances of being in the Final Three. 

With all of that said, Monte was the one who pulled the trigger on evicting Michael, which was the biggest shot of this game. The next biggest move Monte could make in this HOH week is to evict Turner, who has the most competition wins in the house. Monte and Turner have maintained a strong alliance throughout the entire game, so this would be a massive betrayal, but hey, that’s Big Brother

Monte also has a pretty good relationship with Taylor as of late, but with her one HOH and numerous eviction survivals, she’s also a strong candidate to win despite her rough start. She might also be a strong target for Monte to consider, especially if he’s hoping to make good to his promise with Turner. 

Alyssa, in my opinion, is at the lowest risk for leaving Big Brother this week. She has zero competition wins, and seems like a prime candidate anyone can win a vote against (her former showmance Kyle might throw her a vote). Of course, no one is truly safe this week, and trusting someone who needs to desperately make a big move to win might be a terrible call. This is truly an exciting week for Big Brother, which isn’t something often said about the final weeks of the game! We’ll just have to wait and see what Monte does, and watch the chaos unfold from there. 

Big Brother airs on CBS this Sunday, September 11th at 8:30 p.m. ET but will resume it’s usual schedule of Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. ET and on Thursday at 9:00 p.m. ET the remaining week. This should be a wild week, so be sure to check out what’s happening on the live feeds to see who has the best chance of sticking around for the Final Four.

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