Big Brother's Kyle Capener Shares Relationship Status With Alyssa After Pool Floatie Sex And Break-Up (And More Sex)

Kyle Capener wearing a blanket on Big Brother
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Big Brother’s Kyle Capener gained some support from Houseguests following his admission and apology for operating in the game with a racial bias, but it wasn’t enough to keep him from being evicted this week. The impact of the week effectively ended his showmance with Alyssa Snider, but after live feed viewers saw their breakup chased by a sexual encounter, some might be wondering where things truly stand between them. 

I had a chance to submit questions to Kyle before he officially entered the jury house, and learned some details on where things stand between them officially. Before we get into what he had to say about the infamous pool floatie sex sessions, here’s what Kyle shared about his relationship status with Alyssa:

So, we are truly broken up. She made that clear a couple days ago, but our feelings are still very strong. And we made the decision that we will leave the game and watch the full season, and we will go from there. So, that’s where we lie.

For now, Kyle and Alyssa are no longer a couple. With that being said, it sounds like they’re going to stay in contact, and could get back together at a later date assuming neither is too offended by what they see after watching the season at home. Given that, it seems like there’s a strong chance they could become a couple again once the game is over. 

Fans will likely remember the Kyle and Alyssa showmance better than other recent ones, thanks to some very memorable moments. Those who were tracking the events of the game with a Paramount+ subscription saw them sneak off to the Have-Not room to have sex on a pool floatie, and things came to an abrupt end. I asked Kyle why they decided the pool floatie was the best location for that, but unfortunately, couldn’t get a straight answer:

Oh, man. No comment [laughs].

Kyle’s comment is as brief as the ten seconds he repeatedly stated their pool inflatable intimacy lasted. Perhaps he was surprised to find out that the audience had caught that encounter, or just didn’t expect to get a question about it in light of the controversy of the past week. 

One major question related to the situation is how Alyssa will fare in the game with Kyle out of the house. She was largely protected by him from The Leftovers, to the point that he blew up majority alliance and helped evict ally Joseph Abdin to keep a target off of her back. Now, she’ll have to navigate the game with few true allies in the late stage, but maybe can make a run and perhaps even win. We can only wait and see how Alyssa fares, and what she might have to say about Kyle and their relationship during the remainder of her time in the house. 

Big Brother airs on CBS on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET and on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. A new Head of Household is currently plotting moves as we speak, so check out what they might do and sign up for Paramount+ to get a live feed subscription to watch it all in real time. 

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