Boy Meets World Vet William Daniels Recalls Funny Fan Encounter That Would Have Been On-Brand For Mr. Feeny Himself

Mr. Feeny sitting behind desk in school court on Boy Meets World
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Thanks to the newly released rewatch podcast Pod Meets World, devoted Boy Meets World fans have been able to learn plenty of cool tidbits about the classic sitcom. Just recently BMW alumni Will Friedle, Danielle Fishel, and Rider Strong shed light on why Cory’s little sister, Morgan, switched actresses mid-show. This week, the three podcast hosts got the chance to catch up with George Feeny himself William Daniels. While Daniels has a career stretching back to the 1950s, the TGIF sitcom is still arguably his most iconic role. As a result, the beloved star has a lot of admirers and, with that, he recalled a funny fan encounter that would have been on-brand for Feeny himself.

The 95-year-old actor had a nice conversation with his former castmates on Pod Meets World (a project that series lead Ben Savage didn't join) and discussed his illustrious career. Of course, the conversation soon turned to fanbases and which of William Daniels' is the most spirited – that of the ABC sitcom, the acclaimed medical drama St. Elsewhere, or the musical film 1776? Of course, the revered thespian said that Boy Meets World's takes the top spot. The Emmy winner illustrated that by discussing one particular interaction with overzealous young fans that occurred while he was walking with his wife in New York:

I remember in New York, [I'm] on a street, and a bus came by, I’m walking along. And a bunch of kids got off the bus, and they saw me and they said, ‘Mr. Feeny!’ And they come running, and I ran around the block.

Just imagine seeing Mr. Feeny being chased by younger fans on the streets of New York . Now, that’s a sight, but the response definitely fits the fictional educator's personality. The situation is also a testament to just how much people love the William Daniels, who once glowingly endorsed a Taylor Swift album. Daniels' wife, fellow actress Bonnie Bartlett, also has a clear memory of the incident and reflected on it along with another wild encounter:

He said to me, ‘Sorry, I’ll see you later.’ They terrified him, they absolutely terrified him. And they can be in New York, particularly. When Bill wrote a book and we went to a signing… they chased us around, jumped on the car, did all sorts of things.

That's crazy to hear but, again, when you're on a show like Boy Meets World, which continues to resonate with people nearly 30 years after its debut, your presence can stoke up major emotions within people. So even a book signing can turn into an event reminiscent of a Beatles concert. The Knight Rider alum was (and continues to be) everybody’s favorite wise and hard-nosed teacher. That’s why fans were psyched when he was confirmed to be one of the BMW characters that would return for the Disney's Girl Meets World.

I'm honestly just glad that the veteran performer is still here to tell his stories. William Daniels did spill more about his BMW experience in the latest episode, and you can hear about them by checking out Pod Meets World wherever you listen to podcasts. You can also subscribe to Disney+ to watch every season of Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World if you're hankering for more Mr. Feeny.

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