Boyfriend Of Actress Who Appeared On 90 Day Fiancé Spinoff Arrested After Allegedly Trying To Drown Her

Caroline Schwitzky on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After
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The 90 Day Fiancé franchise has delivered some of the wildest romances and couplings that reality TV has to offer, and the recently debuted Season 9 is no different, even without returning cast members Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre back in the fold yet. Unfortunately, the hyper-drama the show's fanbase imbibes on can certainly isn't exclusive to on-screen happenings, and are sadly just as present in the real world. Such is the case with an actress who previously appeared in 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, as her 23-year-old boyfriend was arrested and charged for allegedly attempting to drown her after a heated argument in Florida.

The extremely troubling incident occurred on Sunday, April 24, in West Palm Beach, Florida, as Caroline Schwitzky and her boyfriend of a year, Cole Goldberg, were said to be on a boat together when they entered into an extremely serious argument. According to TMZ, witnesses were on hand to describe the situation to officers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Per the witnesses, Caroline Schwitzky and Cole Goldberg's argument turned physical as the actress attempted to distance herself from Goldberg, who allegedly became aggressive as he held onto her to keep her in place. This behavior reportedly continued for upwards of 20 minutes, at which point Schwitzky herself became more physical, and it's stated she began to swing punches at Goldberg in attempts to free herself.

Upon breaking free, Schwitzky reportedly jumped off of the boat and into the water, in an attempt to swim over to a nearby boat. Officials say that the boyfriend also then jumped into the water, and after catching up to Schwitzky, he allegedly tried pushing her below the water. According to witnesses, some of whom were screaming at Goldberg to stop, he was grabbing her by the throat with both hands, strangling Schwitzky while still holding her head below the water.

At this time, it’s reported that witnesses from another boat jumped into the water and were thankfully able to separate Caroline Schwitzky from Cole Goldberg and pulled her away to safety. They allegedly used some kind of stick to hold Goldberg off. 

When officials arrived on the scene, the offending boyfriend was arrested for attempted first-degree murder, as well as for battery, and was booked after midnight early Monday morning. After posting a $60,000 bail a few hours later, Goldberg was released. He has yet to comment publicly on the arrest. 

Caroline Schwitzky is an actress and the CEO and founder of the Miami talent agency CS Talent Ent. She appeared in two episodes of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? episodes across the first two seasons, attempting to aid in the relationship journey of Paola and Russ Mayfield, who are now back together and planning to adopt a second child. Schwitzky has also appeared in features such as 2013’s The Caribbean Heist and 2021’s Charistmas in Miami, among other projects. 

Here’s hoping justice is served in this matter, and that Schwitzky comes out of it healed and healthy. As that case gets resolved, stay tuned for new episodes of 90 Day Fiancé and its already controversial Season 9 cast, airing Sunday nights on TLC at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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