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BSG Alum And New Mom Katee Sackhoff Responds After Troll Complains Her Working Parent Posts Reek Of ‘Privilege’

Many different celebrities have been open about having to deal with trolls online, but BSG alum and Another Life star Katee Sackhoff wasn’t it having it recently when a troll came after her regarding feelings she’s had about going back to work when she has a young baby at home. Sackhoff has been open about her feelings related to work-life balance of late, but she was also equally open when she clapped back at said troll, who didn’t seem too happy with what the sci-fi actress had to say. 

If you’ve kept tabs on Sackhoff, the actress has had a bit of a tough time adjusting to her new work schedule. She’s been honest about this, sharing that it’s been “hard” and that she’s even “contemplating early retirement.”  In another more recent post, she was candid about feeling “over it.” 

Katee Sackhoff is over her work load and missing her baby.

(Image credit: Katee Sackhoff, Instagram Story)

I think most people, particularly those who have children at home, should have a lot of empathy for the star. How do you give 100% of your work energy to the job when you are missing a little one at home and how do you feel about having to sacrifice time at home with your little one to get the work done? These are questions without easy answers, but according to one Internet troll, Katee Sackhoff shouldn’t get to have these feelings because she’s famous. In a post, the Battlestar Galactica star shared to her Instagram Story, she shared what the troll had to say about her feelings. According to her critic:

Oh boo boo an utterly privileged mum asking for sympathy with huge resources and back up plans - just put yourself in the position of having none of your advantages and just take a moment to check your privilege ffs.

Believe it or not, but celebrities do often see these sorts of comments from people online. I’d have to assume most of the time they simply ignore the haters and move on – or as was the case with actresses like Kelly Marie Tran, simply leave social completely–but in Katee Sackhoff’s case she didn’t want to let the matter go. While most of her fans have seemingly rallied around the star given she referred to the unknown commenter as the  “one asshole in the bunch,” she also clarified her feelings via Instagram Stories.

It always blows my mind that some people don’t understand how you can have more than one feeling at a time. You can feel sad while simultaneously feeling blessed and fortunate! It’s comments like this guy that make an authentic expression difficult. If you think I’m that terrible why would you follow me!?

She's handled trolls asking her to "send nudes" similarly in the past and it's a strategy that seems to work for the actress. In this case the story does have a positive ending to it, as well. She was able to wrap early on her workload this week and made it home in time to share snuggles with her little one, a daughter she and partner Robin Gadsby named Ginevra Grace Gadsby

Katee Sackhoff makes it home for cuddles with Ginevra.

(Image credit: Katee Sackhoff, Instagram Story)

Previously, Katee Sackhoff did reveal she had some time off with little Ginevra before she got back to work, but the change of pace and the loss of time with your child can be hard on any mom, no matter their societal circumstances. It’s worth noting that Sackhoff has kept a busy working schedule for years, hopping from BSG to 24 to Longmire to The Flash and more recently Another Life and to the popular Disney+ series The Mandalorian. And that list of Sackhoff's great roles doesn't even include other work, like that time she starred in a Hallmark movie

Suffice to say, if she does ultimately decide to take a bit of a break, it will be well-deserved. And if she decides to keep up with the work, I hope she continues to share her feelings about it. 

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