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BSG Alum Katee Sackhoff Is A New Mom, Shares Candid Feelings About Getting Back To Work After Having A Baby

It’s been just a few days since Katee Sackhoff dropped the surprise news that she had a little one with her husband Robin Gadsby. Their baby, Ginevra Grace Gadsby, came into the world earlier in December, but the BSG and Another Life actress waited until the holiday season to charm her fans with the news. Unfortunately, shortly after she shared the reveal, the frequent sci-fi star had to get back to work. It’s never an easy thing the first few times a parent leaves their little one at home, and Sackhoff shared her candid feelings on the matter. 

As often happens following the holidays, both TV and movie productions are getting back into gear this month. It’s unclear what work Katee Sackhoff was sitting around in a trailer for – though she does have The Last Transport with her Battlestar Galactica co-star Michael Trucco on the docket. However, while having some downtime during the workday may be nice, Sackhoff was honest about how those moments feel when you are a new parent away from your baby for the first time. She said on her Instagram Story

You guys. I’m at work, bored. Sitting in my trailer. Wishing I was with my baby. Contemplating early retirement.

It’s amazing how quickly parenthood can shift a person’s outlook, as it sounds like if the actress can find a way to slow down a little she just might. The TV star has had a prolific resumé since she landed the role of Starbuck in Ron Moore’s popular Battlestar Galactica series. She played a well-liked character on Yellowstone. She’s Bo-Katan in the live-action Star Wars Universe. She leads Netflix’s Another Life.  Heck, she even found the time to film a Hallmark Christmas movie this season.

All of these notable roles have helped her to gain an avid fanbase, a lot of whom are parents themselves. After her Story post broke wide, a lot of fans reached out about their own going back to work feelings, and she shouted out those other working parents as well:

You guys, so much love and support in my DMS from all you working parents out there that are away from your babies. I’m crying just because I felt so loved and supported.

It may be hard to leave a little tyke at home as a new parent, but this is one story with a very happy ending. After working earlier this week, yesterday Katee Sackhoff also shared an adorable look at some mommy and me time with little Ginevra. 

Katee Sackhoff shares new look at little one Ginevra.

(Image credit: Katee Sackhoff, Instagram Story)

While working away from home can be a hard prospect, Sackhoff has joined a club that includes a lot of wonderful moms and dads, and some majorly famous names, including the likes of Jennifer Garner and many more. Here's a shoutout to all the parents out their pulling double duty at home and at work. 

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