Surprise, See First Look At BSG And The Mandalorian Star Katee Sackhoff’s Baby: ‘Christmas Came Early This Year’

Katee Sackhoff in screenshot from Battlestar Galactica
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It’s been a big year for Battlestar Galactica, Another Life and The Mandalorian actress Katee Sackhoff. The sci-fi star shared a glimpse at her nuptials with Robin Gadsby back in October. Now, she’s shared a little holiday cheer with her fanbase, announcing she and her partner had a baby girl, Ginevra Grace Gadsby earlier this month. They welcomed their little bundle of joy on December 6th. 

The actress took to Instagram to share the first look at baby Ginvera, noting “Christmas came early this year.” She also mentioned her husband looks really hunky with a baby “strapped to his chest” and shared a series of images including one of her partner with the little one. You can see her full post, below.  

Katee Sackhoff is an avid sharer on social media, so it’s a little amazing to me that she and her new husband (but not her "first and best" husband Anders) were able to keep the impending birth of their baby secret over the last several months. The good news for Sackhoff is that her TV projects film well in advance. So, stuff that her fans recently saw, including the Hallmark holiday movie Christmas Sail, were filmed well before their release date on TV. She's been busy promoting stuff that came out recently without us being any the wiser. 

It is worth noting that Sackhoff is not a same-day sharer. She gave fans a look at her nuptials a few weeks after they happened earlier this year. She's also not the first celebrity to have a baby privately, as Mindy Kaling shared a similar story after keeping the birth of her kid private in 2020. 

Going back to the point that Katee Sackhoff does share a lot of her life on social media, the BSG actress was point-blank asked if she was pregnant thanks to a post about geriatric millennials earlier this year and responded. That post came in May and Sackhoff mentioned to the fans she would not be sharing something “private” like that on a social media platform like Twitter. But who would want to keep such an adorable addition secret long-term? It's no wonder she finally let the cat out of the bag.

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After posting the baby announcement, Katee Sackhoff also took to her Instagram Stories to note, "You guys, now you know why I've been so tired lately," also mentioning she was currently in line at Starbucks while filming the Story post. (Starbuck at Starbucks? Ha!) 

As far as surprises go, this is a pretty good -- and stealthy -- one. CinemaBlend wishes Sackhoff and Ryan Gadsby well-wishes and much rest as they move forward as new parents. What a holiday surprise, indeed. 

Jessica Rawden
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