Camila Cabello Poked Fun At Herself On The Voice, But The Real Payoff Was The Blake Shelton Roast At The End

camila cabello and blake shelton on the voice.
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NBC’s The Voice is all about finding the next big thing in music (even if success is fleeting for winners), which is helped along by its superstar coaches each season. Newbie coach Camila Cabello has already done an impressive job picking up some promising hopefuls during the Blind Auditions, and part of that comes back to her particularly repetitive way of appealing to contestants. And while she was quick to poke fun at herself during the episode, stalwart jokester Blake Shelton definitely made some fun of his own

It’s no secret that before Camila Cabello found success as a solo artist, she struck gold as part of the girl group Fifth Harmony, taking third place within the second season of The X Factor USA. And the singer has thrown the info out there more than a few times to her hopeful chair turns that she, like them, was part of a "singing competition show." But while each contestant only heard it once or twice, the Voice's stars and audience members heard it a lot

Cabello posted a fun compilation on Instagram of those three words being repeated, initially suggesting to make a drinking game out of it, even though it might have ended in alcohol poisoning. Check it out below, and keep watching for Blake Shelton's lay-up roast. 

It’s not surprising that Camila Cabello would mention that she was on a...I gotta say it...singing competition show, since that's precisely what they're on. I can't see her using that line ad nauseum while signing up for life insurance or placing a pizza delivery order, though I guess that probably comes up then as well. In any case, she knows what that specific pressure is like, and certainly feels like she has what it takes to help the aspiring musicians. However, it is funny to see just how many times she does bring it up, completely intentionally and without reticence.

And it makes just as much sense that Blake Shelton would pipe up with something, given his frequent jabs at his fellow coaches. Mimicking Cabello's tactics, Shelton hilarious stated that he was also on a singing competition show, but the Cinderella star threw that roast right back at him by asking him if he was in a girl group, too, noting that it’s not too late. The banter between the coaches is what will make me miss Blake Shelton on The Voice when he exits after Season 23, but at least there will be 22 seasons of his snark to look back on.

Camila Cabello is not the first coach on The Voice to bring up her competitive TV past. Kelly Clarkson, who will be returning to the red chair next season, famously won the first American Idol season, and was definitely teased on The Voice more than once whenever she brought up the fact that she “navigated” a competition like this before. It’s always funny to see how many times the coaches fall back on habitual pitches, but I guess if it ain't broke...

Meanwhile, Cabello is not the only person that Shelton has been fighting with during the Blinds. Shelton and Stefani nearly went to war over multiple auditions, which is always more than entertaining, even knowing there's little true strife involved.

The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC at 8 p.m. EST. Check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 TV schedule to see what else to look forward to in the final months of the year. 

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