Celebrity Big Brother: Who Will Be The First Evicted Houseguest?

Miesha Tate on Celebrity Big Brother
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Warning! The following will contain spoilers for the second episode of Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 and the live feeds as of Thursday, February 4. Read at your own risk!

Celebrity Big Brother only just crowned its first Head of Household, and already it’s time to say goodbye to a houseguest. UFC fighter Miesha Tate seemed to have a plan for who she was going to nominate from the moment she won, but some quick thinking by Housewife Teddi Mellencamp through a wrench in the plan.

Suffice to say, the first eviction of Celebrity Big Brother might be very exciting. We have two nominees on the block so far, and it’s looking like we have an idea of which of these stars might be going home. Let’s jump into the initial nominees and talk out how things might’ve changed in the time since then.

Mirai Nagasu on Celebrity Big Brother

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Mirai Nagasu

Mirai was in a good position at the start of Celebrity Big Brother and even lucked out with Miesha Tate, pulling her into her alliance with Lamar Odom (who is already talking about Khloé Kardashian), Todrick Hall, and Chris Kirkpatrick. Unfortunately, Mirai spilled the beans to Teddi that she was the target, and Teddi relayed that information to Todrick, who went back to Miesha. Mirai suddenly went from teammate to target, and now it’s looking like she could be on her way out the door. 

Carson Kressley on Celebrity Big Brother

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Carson Kressley 

Carson’s nomination kind of felt out of left field, though it’s not surprising to see the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy alumnus nominated. He’s up on the block for his social game, but there’s also a chance he’s just a pawn. Unfortunately, we can only know so much from the episode’s edit, which is why we need Day 1 live feeds every season!

Teddi in Celebrity Big Brother

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Apparently, Teddi Mellencamp Is The One Likely Going Home 

Celebrity Big Brother’s live feeds went on shortly after the Thursday episode, and the gist seems to be that Miesha Tate is back on board with getting Teddi Mellencamp out of the house. Something transpired that Teddi got the heads up that she’s the target, and there’s a good chance that she’s going home (this is already way different than Big Brother Season 23). Most of this came from a conversation Teddi had with Todrick, which felt like a roller coaster to listen to. 

Whoever won the veto took Carson off the block, and now Teddi is up for eviction, and the tides have changed since nomination day. The majority wants to keep Mirai, and somehow Teddi found that out. She seemed to take a lot of it out on Todrick (who somehow got caught up in some drama despite being a superfan) during Thursday night’s live feeds, and she partially blamed him for not advocating for her more to Miesha. 

Todrick said he didn’t want to be seen too much with the Head of Household, but as an audience, we also know that Miesha planned to nominate Teddi from the start and even considered a backdoor. Is this just what Miesha planned all along? I’m not sure, but it does seem like Teddi Mellencamp will be the first evicted houseguest of Celebrity Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother has a two-hour episode over at CBS on Friday, February 4, which will be jam-packed with context and more competitions. Those hungry for more house drama before then can get it with a Paramount+ subscription, which comes with access to the live feeds.

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