Chrissy Teigen Celebrates One Year Sober In Beautiful Vacation Video With John Legend And The Kids: ‘I Feel Really Good’

Chrissy Teigen on Mr. Mayor.
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In her personal journey through sobriety, Chrissy Teigen promised not to get too excited until at least five years in. After she quit drinking in 2021, Teigen has been nothing but open about her path away from alcohol, with her half-year mark being the last milestone honored. Now celebrating one full year of sobriety, Teigen definitely appears to be quite excited in a video from her vacation with husband John Legend and their children. 

Sharing her good tidings on Instagram, Chrissy Teigen marked her first soberversary with a message saying, among other things, that she felt “really good” about her progress. Along with a short video of her and her family seeing some sights, Teigen reflected on her wishes that her drinking hadn’t resulted in missing out on some experiences she’d like to have remembered.

Take a look at the full message and video from Chrissy Teigen below: 

From family beach days to learning how to make a Bloomin’ Onion from an Outback Steakhouse chef in her own home, Teigen noted such experiences that she regrets not remembering due to alcohol consumption. But there was still happiness to enjoy as well. Much like when Teigen discussed her first vacation while sober last summer, it’s the experiences and the memories they entail that are thrilling her the most. 

Throughout her time in the public eye, Chrissy Teigen has shut down breastfeeding shamers and internet trolls alike. Candor could be the woman’s middle name, as she’s engaged people on many fronts in the world of social media. So it only seems natural that Chrissy would be so open with her highs and lows, as that’s part of what’s made her someone that people love to catch up with. 

That's probably also helped keep Teigen on her path, as she’s holding herself accountable through documenting the journey. Chrissy Teigen’s latest update still has her unsure if she’ll ever drink again. Though she’s had “wine hiccups” in the past, she’s still taking things one day at a time. 

Giving the world brief bits of news along the way, seeing the self-improvement that she’s been making is even more inspirational in a chaotic world. That being said, we won’t expect Chrissy Teigen to dive into The Real Housewives franchise any time soon, if only for the sake of her own sanity. 

We here at CinemaBlend wish Chrissy Teigen all the best in her sobriety journey. Also, may Outback Steakhouse grant her wish for a do-over on that Bloomin’ Onion home course. If that’s not a potential livestream experience for the ages, I don’t know what is. Bonus points if John Legend starts playing an improv song on the joys of that valued appetizer, if only to make his wife laugh and set off those internet trolls that doubt them.

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