Chrissy Teigen Celebrates Sobriety Milestone With Sweet Post

Chrissy Teigen revealing that Erykah Badu's "Tyrone" is her sexy time song with husband John Legend after Zendaya's performance on Lip Sync Battle

To say 2021 has been a rough year for Chrissy Teigen would be an understatement. Getting called out on social media over her past tweets put her career at a standstill for a time. While dealing with the severe online backlash, the model has been working through other battles behind the scenes too. Teigen has been fighting to remain alcohol-free for the past year. As she puts in the work to remain sober, the former model decided to celebrate a huge milestone in her journey with a sweet post on social media.

The television personality decided to share with her followers what her life is like being alcohol-free on Instagram. In recent years, Chrissy Teigen has been transparent about her battle with alcoholism. So, her recent post lined up with that transparency. After reaching an amazing milestone in her journey, Teigen wanted to give fans a peek into her new life. The Lip Sync Battle host gave an update on where she's at.

Today is my 50 day sobriety streak! it should be nearly a year, but I had a few (wine) hiccups in the road. this is my longest streak yet! I still dunno if I’ll never drink again but I do know it no longer serves me in ANY way.

Of course, in true Chrissy Teigen fashion, she chose to be open and honest about her sobriety journey. She admitted to slipping up a few times in trying to get sober. That was quite refreshing for the multimedia personality to reveal the setbacks. The Lip Sync Battle host remains unsure if alcohol will touch her lips again.

Her doubts about her sobriety were amplified by the situations she revealed in her post. Chrissy Teigen admitted her heavy drinking wasn’t fun for her. She talked about having some bad experiences from not remembering the previous night’s events to getting completely sick. Teigen painted the drunk version of herself as not being incredibly fun to those around her. But the social media star did look back at her relationship with alcohol for what it was – escapism. Teigen took the time to shout out to those responsible drinkers by saying:

I had my fun with it and appreciate anyone that can enjoy it responsibly!!!!

You can always count on Teigen’s honesty. But it wouldn’t be a Chrissy Teigen moment without some family chaos going on. If you want to see Chrissy Teigen’s adorable kiddos interrupt her workout session, check out the television personality’s full Instagram post below:

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Celebrating this moment wasn’t the first time Chrissy Teigen has been open about her battle with the bottle. Teigen took to Instagram to speak on her first sober Italian trip. She thanked her trip cohorts while appreciating the trip with a sober mind. The moment came after a very intense Summer for the television personality filled with bullying accusations and partnership losses. But Teigen has seemingly bounced back from the controversy with a new book. Time will only tell if she will get back in the public’s good graces with her newly sober eyes.

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