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Chrissy Teigen Is 6 Months Sober, But Explains Why She’s Not That ‘Excited’

Chrissy Teigen is always no-holds-barred about stuff going on with herself personally. She’s been much more open than most celebrities about everything from plastic surgery to her struggles with alcohol. On the latter front, this week she hit another incredible milestone in her sobriety journey, though the Instagram personality, chef, and mom honestly seems less “excited” about this than you might guess. 

In an Instagram post that also featured some photos of Chrissy Teigen looking flawless in the sun, the social media personality and occasional host opened up about what “6 months sober” has meant to her. It sounds, honestly, as if it’s been a bit of a struggle. Teigen says “time has not exactly flown” during her self-imposed exile from alcohol. She also says that perhaps a larger milestone like 5 years will feel more meaningful to her, but that she doesn’t necessarily know if she will remain fully alcohol-free over the long haul. 

The good news? It sounds like there have been plenty of positives too, which you can check out in her post, below. 

Chrissy Teigen had occasionally taken breaks from drinking before. She notably got pretty drunk during an Oscars event she attended with John Legend back in 2019 and took a break from drinking after, for example. She had some pretty blunt comments related to her feelings regarding alcohol after. 

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Then, last year she faced a slew of bullying accusations. Those accusations in turn led her to lose some of the business partnerships she’d worked so hard to build across varying platforms. But the loss of work and what she faced online after seemingly gave her the onus to quit drinking. She notably decided to try sober living while on a trip with her husband John Legend in mid-2021, and it seems now that the trip extended into more of a lifestyle over time.

By Thanksgiving, Chrissy Teigen also shared what it was like to spend a whole holiday sober. In past years, it sounds like she went hard on the tequila over the holidays, mentioning “Cafe Patron (coffee tequila)” was her drink of choice during the long, long day. This year, she relaxed and spent the whole holiday without additional spirits.

Chrissy Teigen may not be particularly impressed with her attitude toward quitting drinking, yet having the courage to go six months without drinking when alcohol was such a huge part of her life before is a milestone worth reflecting on and celebrating. At least the former Lip Sync Battle host does seem to be more excited about the changes she’s felt in her physical form and with her health over time. She says she plans to continue forward on the sober path... at least for a while.

Here's wishes her the best on her journey, even when she's not feeling the most "excited" about it.

Jessica Rawden
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