Could The Walking Dead's Rick Grimes Have Met World Beyond's Elizabeth Kublek? Here's What Julia Ormond Thinks

Rick Grimes standing outside in Alexandria on The Walking Dead
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Spoilers ahead for the series finale of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, “The Last Light.” Read at your own risk!

The series finale of The Walking Dead: World Beyond finally premiered on AMC this past weekend, and it was an emotionally draining ride. While there were some happy endings to be found, there were also some tragic ones. Following the episode's airing, Julia Ormond, who portrayed Lt. Col. Elizabeth Kublek of the Civic Republic Military, discussed her character’s ending and whether Kublek could have crossed paths with Rick Grimes at some point.

Elizabeth Kublek’s story ended with the character experiencing a number of major developments. She was ousted as the military’s leader, suffered the loss of her daughter and imprisoned for treason. But ahead of that, when it comes to her story and where she’s been, it’s very possible she’s bumped into other characters from TWD Universe, including Andrew Lincoln’s iconic character. Julia Ormond talked to TV Insider about the possibility of her character coming across the hero, and the actress seems to have put a lot of thought into a potential meeting between the two:

My answer to that… it’s not come from creative higher-ups, no spoiler blurting, this is my own imaginings! As I see it, as the character, I thought, oh my God, it’d be kind of genius if they played it this way: I think she has come across him, but I don’t think he’s registered in the way that he probably should have. I think it would be great storytelling if Elizabeth encounters him, moving forward. I feel as if at some point, she should encounter him, but I like this idea that in the mess and the obnoxious pragmatism of what they’re doing, he has encountered her, but she is unaware of who he is.

It's interesting to think about the fact that the two impactful individuals could've made contact. And what's even more intriguing is that both would be unaware of who the other is. Even though World Beyond is now over, perhaps the two can get together on Fear the Walking Dead, since AMC just renewed that series for another season. While such a thing is far from a sure thing (as the powers that be haven't even confirmed the connection), the idea of there being history between the two is just too cool to deny.

Despite Andrew Lincoln’s exit from The Walking Dead three years ago, Rick Grimes is still very much a staple within the franchise. Recently, fans were hopeful that the actor would make a surprise appearance during The Talking Dead live aftershow. While he didn’t end up being the surprise guest, fans can still hope that he comes back to the series in some form and that he even pairs up with a World Beyond favorite, at some point in the future. 

With any luck, fans will get a scene involving Rick and Elizabeth, though how that would take shape remains to be seen. But while you wait for news on that front, if you're feeling nostalgic for Andrew Lincoln's character, you can stream past episodes of The Walking Dead on Netflix.

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