The Walking Dead Boss Explains Delay In Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes Movie

Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead

There are hit cable TV shows, and then there’s AMC’s The Walking Dead. The apocalyptic drama grew from a dark horse to a massive franchise including two spinoffs. Fans are also eager to see the developing Rick Grimes movie, and one Walking Dead boss explained the delay in Andrew Lincoln’s highly anticipated flick.

Rick Grimes was written out of The Walking Dead seasons ago, but it was also announced that he’d be back in a movie. What’s more, said movie is expected to get a full theatrical release, rather than one for TV. Unfortunately the project has been a long time coming, and Walking Dead directing-producer and special make-up effects supervisor Greg Nicotero recently opened up about this delay. When asked when filming will finally begin, he said:

I wish I knew, and I wish I could say [when it's happening]. I've read a variety of drafts of the scripts over the last few months. They're really making sure that they get it right.

Well, that was honest. It looks like the folks behind the upcoming Walking Dead movie are taking their time to nail down the script and story. And with film sets only now finally getting back to normal, there’s presumably a ton of factors behind the delay in Rick Grimes’s flick.

Greg Nicotero’s comments to ComicBook help to peel back the curtain on what it’s like within The Walking Dead universe. With so many zombie stories being told across the various TV shows, the team is certainly kept busy. And rather than turning out a Rick Grimes movie that’s subpar, it seems those involved are being particular with the long-awaited project.

Exactly what the story of The Walking Dead’s movie will contain remains a total mystery at this point. But the fact that the franchise is heading to theaters makes it clear that the apocalyptic property isn’t going anywhere-- even if the original series is preparing for its final season.

Andrew Lincoln starred as Rick Grimes throughout the first nine seasons of The Walking Dead, before being written off. In his final episode Rick destroyed the bridge between communities, and presumably himself, in order to protect his people. But a coda revealed Jadis/Anne finding his unconscious body, and loading Rick into a helicopter to destinations unknown.

It’s been years since the Rick Grimes movie was announced, so fans are getting understandably antsy for the mysterious project to finally start coming together. But the pressure is on for The Walking Dead to deliver in its first outing in theaters. If Andrew Lincoln’s project is successful, perhaps we’ll be treated to more Walking Dead movies.

Narratively, there does seem to be another story ripe for a theatrical adaptation. Namely one starring Danai Gurira’s Michonne, who was also written off of The Walking Dead under mysterious circumstances. She specifically left the communities in order to find Rick, so perhaps they could get a sequel about this reunion. Only time will tell.

The Walking Dead continues to grow on the small screen, as fans patiently wait for the Rick Grimes movie to begin filming. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

Corey Chichizola
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