Dancing With The Stars Pro Sharna Burgess Responds To ‘Showmance’ Accusations With Brian Austin Green

Season 30 of Dancing with the Stars kicked off just last month and, to many people's surprise, a real-life couple was paired on the dance floor. Professional dancer and Dancing With the Stars veteran Sharna Burgess and boyfriend Brian Austin Green, who is probably best known for his time on Beverly Hills, 90210, are currently. still competing in the reality dance show. And now, Burgess has responded to those “showmance” accusations, which claim that the couple’s romantic relationship gives them an advantage in the competition

Sharna Burgess took to Instagram in order to address the claims. The dancer didn't mince words, as she put down the “showmance” rumors, saying that what she and Brian Austin Green have is the real deal and that their time together on the show is a part of their actual romantic journey together. She also shared thoughts on why their relationship doesn't have the effect the public believes it has. Here’s what the professional dancer says, exactly:

But for real though, we kissed once in the first show that’s it. This isn’t a showmance, this is real life love and it’s a part of our journey. Every step. Every struggle. Every success. And anyone that thinks it’s an advantage I can assure you, it’s not. ITS SUPER HARD! We both wanted to push harder this week because we really want those scores to keep us in the competition, but in the process we had a few moments of feeling hyper sensitive toward each other and struggled to find a happy positive work flow. Coaching your boyfriend is hard, and having your girlfriend be the one to tell you all the shit you’re doing wrong is also hard. I am still trying to find balance between how much I love him and how much I love to create and coach for perfection on this show. What I do know is I’m grateful for every second I get on that dance floor with him. What a dream to share this.

Sharna Burgess

While there have been plenty of relationships to come out of Dancing With the Stars, Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Green are actually the first couple to be romantically involved prior to being paired up on the show. While this isn’t the only first viewers have seen in Season 30, the two are still certainly unique among most of their fellow competitors. It probably doesn't hurt that the two already know each other well, yet I would imagine it would indeed spark those challenges that Burgess discussed, which the other couples would theoretically not face. In the end, though, it all seems to even out.

Dancing is an intimate sport, and it would totally make sense that connections would be formed on the dance floor and practice rooms in preparation for the show. With this, being partners on the reality competition show could strengthen the bond that the two celebrities ave. And based on the pictures shared by Sharna Burgess certainly make it seem like they are enjoying the time together. Check out the dancer’s full post below, in which she specifically points out a full butt grab mid-rehearsal:

With Tyra Banks flamboyantly hosting, Dancing with the Stars airs every Monday night at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Also, if you’re a fan of this season's real-life-couple-turned-dancing-duo, you have the power to keep them in the competition by watching and phoning in to vote for them to win.

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