Details For Candace Cameron Bure’s First Post-Hallmark Christmas Movie Revealed By Great American Family

Candace Cameron Bure in If I Only Had Christmas
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Back when Fuller House wrapped up its run on Netflix, the world still knew Candace Cameron Bure as a Hallmark movie star who hadn't yet indirectly sparked a trend of rude celeb posts. Two years later, the actress and God-loving influencer is deeply embedded within the Great American Media family (formerly GAC), having signed a deal in the spring, with plans set for her to host a Thanksgiving-geared programming block later in the year. Things have been fairly quiet otherwise as far as major details go, but we finally know what to expect from Bure’s first Christmas movie of the 2022 holiday season.  Let's break down all the facts we have so far.

What Is Candace Cameron Bure's First Great American Christmas Movie Called?

Non-surprisingly, Bure's first Christmas flick for Great American will indeed feature the holiday's name front and center: A Christmas...Present. Because of that elipses, you just know that titular present likely has more to do with timeframes than wrapped gifts beneath the tree. (Although I'm waiting on cable networks to take on some sci-fi-driven Christmas movies where time can be gift-wrapped.)

When Will A Christmas...Present Premiere?

While Great American Family's "Great American Christmas" programming event kicks off this year as early as October 21, fans won't get to see Candace Cameron Bure's newest TV movie until some point in November, according to People. At this point, a more specific date has yet to be announced. 

What Will Candace Cameron Bure's Role Be?

First and foremost, Candace Cameron Bure's A Christmas...Present responsibilities aren't just limited to acting, as the conception and development for the new project went through her Candy Rock Entertainment production banner. So she'll be serving as the executive producer as well as the lead star. 

Within A Christmas...Present itself, Bure will portray the character Maggie Lawson. Maggie is described as being a "Type-A mom" and real estate agent whose work and personal schedules are consistently overloaded. It sounds like she'll be needing a break that only a holiday season with extended family can provide (after any number of setbacks, of course). 

What Will A Christmas...Present Be About?

The film's plotline involves Maggie taking her family on a trip to spend Christmas with her widowed brother and his daughter. Though they initially don't see eye to eye on how they should be approaching their time together, a "series of transformative events" inspires Maggie to take a new look at what the holidays mean to her, and realizes there's more to celebrate when she actually stops long enough to do so.

Candace Cameron Bure offered her own description of the new family-friendly TV movie, saying:

A Christmas… Present is about slowing down enough to recognize what’s right in front of our eyes. The hustle and bustle of the Christmas season will arrive before we know it but it’s through the quiet moments that we hear God speak to us, directing our path to what’s most important.

For everyone hoping that this is the first stepping stone that leads to a wealth of future projects, Great American Media president Bill Abbott spoke of A Christmas...Present as being "indicative of the memorable movies and family-friendly entertainment" that his network is aiming to bring to life with Bure's Candy Rock crew. Perhaps we can expect to see those movies showcasing some of the other big stars that jumped from Hallmark to GAC.

With all the romance-driven Christmas movies out there on the small screen in every given year, it's always nice to have outliers like this to look forward to after having one's fill of quirky miracle-fueled meet-cutes with people who may or may not be directly tied to the Claus bloodline.

While waiting for Bure’s Great American debut in November, head to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what’ll be popping up on the small screen before then.

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