Did Monarch Just Reveal Who Gets Shot In The Flash Forward?

Trace Adkins as Albie on Monarch on Fox
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Warning! The following contains Monarch spoilers for the latest episode, “Show Them Who You Are, Baby.” Read at your own risk!

Monarch is living up to the hype of delivering drama week in and week out, and while Susan Sarandon’s character is now a ghost, Dottie is still a hot topic of discussion in the latest episode. Fans also see a bit more of what occurs three months down the road in the flash-forward where Albie, played by Blake Shelton’s dear friend and country icon Trace Adkins, killed someone. That scene, paired with some other moments in the episode, just might’ve revealed who gets shot. 

For those that missed the episode (or don’t have a Hulu subscription to re-watch), the latest flash-forward shows Nicky covering for her father when the cops reported seeing his truck down in the woods. At the end of the episode, we see Nicky go with him to go look for the body, and presumably move it before the police arrive on the scene and retrieve it and arrest Albie. They’re shocked to discover the body is no longer there, and it appears someone dug them up. Based on the scene, as well as another moment towards the end in the present-day timeline, I’m feeling pretty good about the odds the person killed is Nicky’s husband Clive

Things aren’t good between Nicky and her husband, and after his latest infidelity, Nicky decided to embarrass him rather than keep quiet about it. She took his mistress to a country music award show and presented her to the press stating that the true villain in all of this was her husband. The moment was celebrated by the press in attendance, and is certainly a high point in the latest Monarch for Nicky. 

Unfortunately, the secret about Nicky aiding her mother’s suicide is at great risk of exposure. Her brother Luke received the toxicology report following his mother’s death, which revealed there was a high amount of Oxycodone in her body. Not long after that, Monarch fans saw Clive stumble upon an empty pill bottle of Oxycodone in their bedroom, which he might’ve found a bit suspicious. 

Luke will obviously be upset about learning the truth about how his mother died from his sister, but as a member of the Roman family, one would think he’d toe the line and keep her secret. Clive, on the other hand, already has an ax to grind with his wife, and is watching his tumultuous marriage fall apart in front of his eyes. It isn’t easy to see how he might exploit this information should he learn the results of the toxicology report, and that Albie might be driven to such extremes that he’d kill him for finding out. 

Of course, Monarch could be throwing red herrings around and might’ve intentionally aired those scenes close together so fans would connect those exact dots. With that said, it’s hard to imagine a character as easily killed off as Clive at this point, unless we haven’t met them. I guess fans will have to wait and see and keep an eye out for any more clues on which character in this talented cast Albie might shoot in the coming episodes. Hopefully, the answer makes more sense than Empire’s series finale, because I get a very familiar vibe watching this new show and see a lot of comparisons between them. 

Monarch airs on Fox on Tuesdays at 9:00 pm EST. Fall television season is finally here, so be sure to check out the 2022 TV schedule to see what new and returning shows are arriving in the coming weeks. 

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