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Dylan McDermott Is Hyping Fans For His Switch From Law And Order: Organized Crime To FBI: Most Wanted

Dylan McDermott has been playing a villain on TV as of late, but he's now preparing to take on a more heroic role. The actor recently wrapped his arc as criminal mastermind Richard Wheatley on Law & Order: Organized Crime and, next month, he’s taking over as the lead on FBI: Most Wanted following Julian McMahon's exit. But in the meantime, McDermott is making sure to get fans hyped for his next chapter and most recently did so via social media.

It was in January that the Law & Order alum was announced to be joining FBI: Most Wanted. (Julian McMahon said his goodbye to the show earlier this month.) It's an exciting opportunity for Dylan McDermott, and he seems to be enjoying the quick switch-up between roles. He recently posted two photos to his Instagram from the set of the CBS drama, simply adding the date on which viewers will finally be introduced to his brand-new character. Check it out:

Details on the actor's character are still being kept under wraps, aside from the fact that he'll definitely be on the right side of the law, unlike Richard Wheatley of Law & Order: Organized Crime. While there are still questions regarding how he’ll be introduced to the FBI team, these new photos are definitely enough to get fans hyped for what's to come. And thankfully, there are only a few weeks left before he makes his Most Wanted debut!

Dylan McDermott initially celebrated his new gig with a short but sweet message on Instagram. He made sure to note that there will be a new sheriff in town, which seems to mean that this new character is going to mean business. For those who've watched him on Organized Crime as of late, it should be refreshing to see him in this kind of role. 

Speaking of the L&O spinoff, the Richard Wheatley arc finally came to an end at the beginning of the month with the episode “…Wheatley Is to Stabler.” Wheatley tried his best to destroy Detective Stabler and, in the end, Stabler found himself under investigation due to the methods he used while pursuing the criminal. Ultimately, Richard and ex-wife Angela ended up driving off a cliff and, while her body was recovered, his was not.

It does seem like Dylan McDermott could return to the NBC series at some point, especially considering that he and Christopher Meloni made working on set a "super fun" time. However, it's safe to say he's going to be busy with FBI: Most Wanted for the foreseeable future. Still, the two shows are set in the same universe, so McDermott could always crossover into Organized Crime as his new character. That probably wouldn't happen for a while, though, so, in the meantime, let's just dwell in the hype surrounding his FBI debut!

Don’t miss the star's debut on FBI: Most Wanted on Tuesday, April 12 on CBS, and check out what other premieres lie ahead on CinemaBlend's 2022 TV schedule.

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